Mac Hardware Warranty - Does it cover dings?

I purchased a MacBook Pro last year (2015 generation) and I’ve just noticed that the screen has a small divot in it. In physical size, it would fill up the O in the word “OF” on the back of a US dime.

In screen real estate terms, it’s about the size of the adult’s head in the Parental Controls icon on the main screen of System Preferences.

Is this something that the 1-Year Repairs and Service Coverage would cover? I read through the coverage terms, but they’re not super clear.

I’m thinking of taking it into the store. I don’t have Apple Care on this laptop, but the 1-year warranty is good until mid-April.

Dings and dents are not covered under Apple’s Limited Warranty. Neither are scratches or scuffs. All fall under cosmetic or physical damage. AppleCare + would have covered it with the $99 deductible that is part of that service.

You are looking at $475+ tax for a 13" model or $575+ tax for the 15" model. Sorry it happened…

I’d bring it in and try. I’ve had devices with much worse damage repaired or replaced for free.