"Mac In A Rack" progresses....hard drive buying considerations

This weekend I’m going to nab a QNAP TR-004U. Theoretically I have a couple of 8 TB consumer-grade drives (a couple of theoretically-shuckable external storage drives, like MyBook stuff), but I definitely don’t have 4 large drives laying around.

So I’m in drive buying territory. At this point I’m looking at mostly 8TB drives or larger, with the intent of being able to populate the 4 bays over time.

Based on my research I’m seeing that CMR seems to be the way to fly for drives to go in an enclosure like this. Something like a Seagate Ironwolf or something similar.

I realize that hard drive preferences are venturing into quasi-religious territory, but is anybody (especially people who work in data centers!) willing to share their drive preferences, and why?

I’ve found this useful in the past.


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As long as they are NAS rated, you should be good. E.g. WD Red Plus
I would imagine QNAP, like Synology, has a list of recommended drives.

I would also recommend using the zfs file system if possible. It’s enterprise grade, with built in support for combatting bit rot. I don’t have experience with QNAP, but use it on my TrueNAS CORE systems. I really wish there was Synology support for it too. One of the reasons I’m transitioning to TrueNAS.


This might be helpful if you shuck drives or find an ambiguous Amazon listing:

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