Mac keeps asking for iTunes password after accepting terms and conditions in App Store Update - SOLVED

The app store is showing updates available. But first, I have to accept new Terms and Conditions, which I do. Then I get asked for my iTunes password and I provide it. It then asks for the password again and again.

I ended up changing my password, but that didn’t stop the problem. I think this is a known issue from the upgrade to Mojave, but I can’t find the resolution using the Google machine.

I should note that I have rebooted, I have signed out of iTunes and back in using the same password I used in the AppStore upgrade request.

Any suggestions?


Have you signed out of the Mac App Store and back in too?

I just did and it’s pretty amazing that the Store gets the password and then asks for it again and again.

The thing here is that I have to accept new Terms and Conditions and, once I do, that is when it asks for the iTunes password. It seems like the Terms and Conditions is the trigger for the password and then it doesn’t accept the password.

Very weird. There’s only one app to update, but at some point there will be a lot to update and I won’t be able to until this is resolved.

Good suggestion, Rosemary; thanks.

If it’s an app update - delete the app and re-download.

This did the trick! Thanks a bunch as it was starting to drive me crazy…


Good. App downloads are tied to the Apple ID signed in to download it, not the one signed in now. That might cause problems sometimes …

I now take this back; it did not solve the problem. I had the update notification for Deliveries, I deleted the app and repurchased it for $4.99. Then Things came up for an update and the whole process repeated itself and for $49.99, I’m not going to delete it and start over.

The thing is, the Apple ID I use for iTunes – the one requested – has been the same one I’ve used since the beginning of time. So I’m not purchasing anything not on that ID.

I have a support ticket into Apple. The first one said – hey, sign out and into iTunes and App Store again (been there, done that) and to check my Apple ID to make sure it is the right one. Which it is.

Then, if that doesn’t do the trick, open a Technical Support ticket with Apple (no link) and have them help you. So I opened another ticket tonight – hopefully in the right place – that will most likely not solve my problem.

If this doesn’t work, I’ll set aside an hour to call them.

Good try, petterhol! Thought it was the ticket…