Mac Madness Bracket

It’s a weird world right now, and I thought it would be fun to do something unusual, so I’ve set up a bracket for the community to choose its favorite Mac:

Go vote!


Can I write in my Dual 1GHz Quicksilver G4?

Wow, Round 1 has some real “Sophie’s Choice” moments already.


The random seeding is leading to a lot of pain.


Some of these brackets lead me to believe they are completely random drawn out of a hat choices or the person choosing them is a Monster!

Like choosing a favorite child…

Fun stuff. Some interesting pairings.

@ismh said on this week’s episode of Connected  that they were randomly paired. Some of them are definitely painful choices, but these are the times we live in!

Round 1 winners are up, and Round 2 voting is open!

No real surprises but it really shows no love for the butterfly MBP.

The poor 12" PowerBook G4 didn’t deserve to go out like that.

Round 2 results are in; Round 3 voting is open!

These results. I love this, though.

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Black MacBook all the way!

So far, so good!

If the G4 Cube wins, I will never forgive Stephen’s readers.


You are not going to like what advanced to the Final Round, then:


Someone is going to have to explain the black Macbook love to me. Most of my experience with one was a long evening trying to save a family member’s documents after they did something they couldn’t explain to the OS.

As if the rest of (gestures wildly in all directions) wasn’t enough, now the BlackBook lost to a competitor that barely even functioned.

This is the second worst voting results I’ve witnessed in my entire life.

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As Stephen stated at the start of this… “Pick your Favorite Mac”

The Brackets broke hearts each and every time. I received an email that my “512Pixels” t-shirt was going to be delayed for a while, so remember “Its Hip to be Square!”

C’mon Cube

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We have our result!