Mac mini+Monitor+ 2021 12.9 iPad Pro & NO MBP?

Did you mean with or without the MBP?

Sorry, without…lol typo. The MBP isn’t needed in my opinion. The best part of Apple is you have like 14 days? to do a test run ! I cant’ remember what Costco’s policy is for returns.

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Ok, I’ve decided.

I’ve spent the last 4-5 days working nearly 100% on my 2018 iPad Pro 20.9. While I can get a lot of my work done based on my needs (see above) I’ve concluded that there is no way that I can be out of the office without access to a MBP when needed, except when traveling. I have found myself needing to go to my MBP to get some work done efficiently.

Accordingly, I am ordering a new iPad today and if/when the MBP 14" is announced, I’ll give my current 13" M1 MBP to my EA and order a 14" for my use (my eyes could use a larger screen).

Thanks for everyone’s input.

UPDATE. Order placed for 12.9 Pro, 1T, wifi+cellular, Pencil, and Magic Keyboard.

I should have everything by next week.


This is an interesting question set of circumstances you’ve posed to the forum, so let me add my 2 cents.

From what I’ve read in your OP, computing power will not end up being an issue regardless of what set of devices you choose. Therefore, your decision will mainly come down to what setup you think you can work best with.

As to whether or not you should get one of the laptops, it really comes down to how big you want your speaking notes to be. Would you be willing to read them off your phone instead of your iPad while presenting? This is the question I see to be the dilemma in your OP.

Good luck making your decision, and enjoy your day.