Mac Notes - link to folder won't open when clicked

Hi all - I started a new home project for which I want to keep an electronic notebook with journal entries and with links to folders and files on my Mac. I’m using Mac Notes for this right now, partly to see how suitable it is.
In Notes I can command-K to create a link and then just drag in a folder to create a link to that folder.
However whether I click the link directly or right click and “Open Link” it fails the same way with a popup saying “The application can’t be opened. -50” There’s also a question mark button which helpfully opens another blank popup.
I gather this happens when GateKeeper prevents apps from opening when files are double clicked, if the app does not have GateKeeper permission. But this is Apple’s own Finder that should be opening.
I found the same thing happened with a file (CR2 that should open PhotoShop) but links to websites open in Safari as expected.

Any suggestions?

If you drag a folder from the desktop in to the link box (at the ⌘K command) you’ll get:

Nice idea, but that’s not a valid link. You need to edit it to create a valid URL by changing it to:

Note, the first two slashes after file: are the standard convention and the third slash is the root folder for the user. And then I had to enter %20 to url-encode the spaces. This gets tiresome with longer names.

This works for me over here.

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Thanks!!! I would know to do this on Windows, I guess I thought the folder dragging method would do the right thing.

I was expecting to have to convert spaces to %20 but I’m finding it’s not necessary.