Mac photos app - find photos without link

Hi, due to some silly handling of the import to the Mac photos app I now have a photos database file with ~10.000 pictures of which some have been imported with the ‘copy to database’ option and some without.
Some of the non copied pictures have been deleted or moved so photos app does not have the link to these files.
Now I am trying to find out how big the mess is and try to filter all pictures with a broken link to the original files outside the database and a second filter to all files.
Any ideas except from getting thru the pictures manually?

My intention is to export all pictures in the database which have no reference outside and then set up a new ‘clean’ database.

Kind regards from Hamburg Germany

Not entirely sure what you are trying to do but as a start you could create 2 Smart Folders, one being where the Photo is Referenced and the other where it is not.


thanks for the first reply I tried this top.
Unfortunately the photos App does not identif the pictures with the broken external references in the filter.

I added my intention of the question to my original post.

Kind regards

How about creating the Photo is Referenced Smart Folder then select all the images and chose File->Consolidate. Any file that is missing will prompt an error which you can choose to ignore all.

This should mean that any lost images will remain in the Referenced Smart Folder and can then be deleted once the available photos have been consolidated into the library.

Hope this works for you.