Mac Power Users 435: Catching up with Don McAllister

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One thing I really like to do when giving very specific, short tips to friends and family is to make an animated gif “micro-screencast”. I use whatever tool to capture and edit a couple seconds of video and use GifBrewery 3 to convert it. It has a feature to upload to Gyfycat, but you can also post on Twitter, Imgur, or anywhere else. GifBrewery has its own simple screen capture mode as well that I’ve used for simple “grab this tool from this menu and move the slider to here”-type demonstrations that are in the 4- to 10-second range.

Another capture tool that I don’t think was mentioned on the episode is Capto, which is part of Setapp. It doesn’t have all the features of Screenflow, especially editing, but if you’re using FCP or Premiere for editing, or if you have relatively basic needs, Capto is a cheaper option. Though if you’re doing more than one or two screencasts that are longer than five minutes, I think Screenflow is worth the cost.

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I do the same with gifox for all my gifs. I find it easier to get that running and send the GIF by text message instead of uploading a big video file.

Thanks for this great show.

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