Mac Power Users 443: Revisiting Music Management


I believe that iTunes Match is now included in Apple Music, at least I have all of my own test tracks available on my iPhone, despite not having synced them and my iTunes library being in Vienna while I’m in the UK :slight_smile:


Thanks for the heads up, @RosemaryOrchard. Apple doesn’t make it very obvious that iTunes Match functionality is included in Apple Music. I’ll look into cancelling my iTunes Match membership (after making sure everything’s backed up) and will see if a lose any functionality int he process.


@MacSparky If I’m not mistaken, in this episode you mentioned that the ambient rain & thunder sound you use throughout the day goes on for 4 hours, but I can’t seem to find that track.

For now, I use this playlist, but if I could get that one track I’d only have to repeat it once a day, though :grin:

It should be - I still have all my matched music after having ended my Match subscription but kept my Apple Music subscription.

I agree - I only found out by reading an article about Apple subscriptions in general.


@MacSparky you should look at Just Press Record. Great audio recording app.


Hey all, I think you guys can help me out. I’m considering moving from a legacy “old-fashioned” itunes library to Apple music. Now I’m wondering: does Apple music keep track of playcounts? For example, with iTunes library I have a couple of playlists like this: “top 1000 most played songs”.

Is this also available on Apple music?


Great episode! I’m coming up on my iTunes match renewal date. I’ve uploaded over 10,000 tracks over the past two years, including a number of not at all obscure live album recordings that iTunes match seems to randomly mix up with other live tracks from the same artist (@katiefloyd talked about this). The Who’s Live at Leeds is a prime example. So, what I’m hearing is I can safely abandon my iTunes match and it will all stick around as long as I keep up my Apple music subscription? I do have full original backups. Pull the plug?


Have you considered adding chapter markers for sponsors on MPU? Nice to see the latest Automators had a sponsor chapter, and it makes sense when you can include a short version of the ad in the subsequent chapter that you may otherwise miss if skipping with headphone controls.


John Gruber has talked about that on The Talk Show where you have a chapter marker to skip the ad, but when you skip, you get the last sentence of the ad read telling you the code and name of the company one more time.


I probably didn’t give Apple Music enough time to learn my taste, so I can’t really compare, but I want to confirm that Spotify does a fantastic job of recommending new music. I really like very obscure stuff (besides „normal“ Jazz like David), eg freejazz or avantgarde metal. Spotify often hints me to very special and rare music from my various genres and often hits my weirdo taste on the spot.


And I would like to recommend the Bose Soundtouch 10. It serves as a bluetooth speaker but can also stream radio and streaming services directly and independently from any device. It has customizable buttons on it, to which you can assign radio stations, spotify playlists etc. So you can start your favorite internet radio or playlist without using your phone. It has a watch app that would be great too if it where more stable (non-geeks get amazed when I change the volume or the radio station from my wrist).