Mac Power Users 447: Workflows with Zac Hall

Regarding the demise of Levelator, I know you guys said you don’t use Adobe products, but Audition has this built-in as a feature called Match Loudness. You can even have it set the levels to different settings, although I stick with -16db.

Also, regarding phone sizes, I find it interesting how often people who eschew big screen computers or second screens, as Zac does, also prefer smaller phones. I have small hands, but I always want the biggest iPhone possible. I can never have too much display space, whether iPhone, iPad or Mac. For example, I have a 27” display connected to the 27” iMac and I sometimes even connect my TV to my iMac too, in order to get even more display.

Inspired by Zac, I disconnected my 27" display from my 2018 MacBook Pro, so that I could enjoy greater focus and other benefits.

That lasted about 10 minutes. I missed the real estate.

And I don’t even have a fancy-shmancy 4K or 5K external display, just an ancient 2010 Apple Cinema Display,


Editing In WordPress

Zac mention writing directly into WP. I usually use Ulysses to post a draft and finish it in the WordPress editor. But with the release of Gutenberg editor for WP I wrote directly into it. Worked well… but will continue with Ulysses.


Instead of Levelator for Sound Levels in podcasts take a look at Auphonic. Levels and adjusts overall sound/volume levels to European or US specifications.

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I enjoyed hearing Zac talk about his fitness journey with the Apple Watch. It brought to mind a question I’ve had for a while. I do martial arts, and we are not allowed to wear watches during our work out. Is there a heart monitor I could wear under a shirt that links to the Apple Watch or iPhone and would fill up my rings in the same way? It pains me greatly to lose all those precious high-rate heart beats!

I believe this is the one Federico Viticci uses:

Thanks for the link to the Polar monitor. I also came across his “Second Life” article which discusses how he uses it with his Apple Watch. Any idea if the watch will still measure beats when I’m not wearing it? I’d have to keep it in my workout bag nearby, not on me, in a karate workout.