Mac Power Users 448: iOS 12 and the September 12th Event



I can’t wait to listen to this. I wonder how much of it will reflect my own personal feelings after running it over the summer.

For me, I immediately noticed the performance on my iPhone 6s.


Regarding AR. I have an issue with virtually every demo we’ve seen in that if you remove the AR component the game (generally it’s a game) remains entirely functional.

The Lego thing would have only lost the ability to recognise the model, but you could just pick it out of a menu. The games where you shoot things don’t gain anything by displaying their landscape on your table.

AR implementations so far are mostly a gimmick.

The best thing we’ve seen so far is the basketball shot analysis. That actually utilised AR to do something that would not be as functional without it.

I think we’re yet to see a good, generally useful app arrive for AR. I’m sure it’s going to be a big deal, but I suspect for a number of reasons we’re a couple of years away from having the data in a useful form and large enough quantity (and quality) for it to be overlaid on the world in real-time in a useful application.


Question: I forget how it works if you are on the public beta. Do you continue to get beta releases throughout the whole ‘12’ experience? I have the Golden Master now, I assume I will get the shortcuts app will be present when iOS 12 publicly drops?



From what I have remember after last year’s release, is that you stay on the “beta train” and then get 12.1 when they start testing that.

You won’t get the emoji update that is slated for that release. That comes with the GM to further makes sure that everyone is updated.


I have a trouble admitting to myself that some of the AR stuff is a solution looking for a problem. That being said, it could do something more for us in the future.


I find that AR has some very good industrial applications and so does VR (particularly training and manufacturing environments). Outside of those uses it still feels very gimmicky and doesn’t personally solve anything for me. That said I do like the measure app in ios12


David & Katie; update your shownotes when your keep on stumbling over the “X”.
Replace “X” with 10



Great episode, enjoyed Katie and David’s take on the keynote and new hardware/software. Can’t wait to try Siri shortcuts - first one, “Lumos”!


Ordered the Siri Shortcuts field guide by Dave, I watched the demo and it clarified a lot of my confusion so thanks.


Apple’s naming scheme is like a Stroop test for David and Katie. “See X , say ‘ten’”.


One overlooked improvement in iOS 12 is the notes app on iPad. There are new tools for line and tip thickness and the hand-writing experience (with Apple Pencil) is better than ever! I generally prefer pencil to pen for my notes and doodling, and using the “pencil” tool in the app is amazing. It senses the nuances of pressure and is the closest to regular pencil/paper I’ve experienced. This creates (for me) a serious alternative to my fancy-shmancy moleskine notebook. Give it a try…


I say „X“, I don’t care what Apple calls it. I always said „OSX“ too.
And since I‘m looking forward to my new Max phone like it was Christmas I call it the X-Mas phone.


@MacSparky mentioned getting a new thermostat that works with HomeKit. I recently dumped my Gen 1 nest for an Ecobee 3 with room sensors for that exact reason.

Previously, I was using HomeBridge running on my Mac mini server to control my Nest. While this solution worked, it was not always a bug free and seamless experience. I also found that the temperature in my office and other parts of the house varied wildly from the thermostat temperature.

After I installed the ecobee and about 4 room sensors, I now find that the temperature remains much more consistent, plus the ecobee room sensors are accessible in HomeKit for use in automations!

I will also add that I’m heavily invested into HomeKit and therefore chose the ecobee 3 over the ecobee 4 simply because the ecobee 4 has Alexa built in, which I did not want. I prefer to use Siri as my exclusive home assistant primarily because of the enhanced privacy. Now that Siri has super powers thanks to iOS 12 on the HomePod and Siri Shortcuts, my decision to stick with HomeKit and Siri exclusively has been reaffirmed.


OMG right!!?!?!?!?!?


@MacSparky we left nest as well and switched to the ecobee 3. Costco ran a special that added an extra sensor. Bought two units 1 up / 1 down and they work great with Siri and HomeKit.

Definitely agree with @zdub that overall comfort across the various rooms is much better. Seeing the “lil bees” switch from unoccupied to occupied is neat too.


I have an ecobee 4 and don’t use Alexa. Works fine with HomeKit.
It also works much better than the 30 year-old “programmable” thermostat that was in our house.


I spent the past couple of days wondering if my carry on would fit in the planes I was flying in, this morning I saw there’s a new AR app for that.


Sounds interesting. Link?


You guys are such a bunch of enablers. Once I get over how much I spent on my giant new iPhone, I expect an Ecobee is in my future.