Mac Power Users 448: iOS 12 and the September 12th Event


I found this to be an interesting keynote for one reason: the phones kinda remind me of the old “Ghz” race that we were all on years ago, then eventually we all realized that computers (for the most part) were “good enough”. I ALWAYS upgrade my phone every year, and didn’t find it too painful because there was usually something I could hang my hat on to justify it. This year, I found myself thinking the phones were nice, but I’m happy with my iPhone X for another year. Maybe we’ve reached an inflection point where at least until AR is humming, annual upgrades may be a bit silly? Been noticing how often over the last couple of years, a comment like “the real benefits of these new features will manifest in the next six months to a year as developers get their hands on AR Kit, Health Kit, etc”. With that being a trend, it just means showing some patience (what?!) might make sense for me.


If it weren’t for the Xs Max I still wouldn’t see a justification to upgrade from my 6s. I do nothing that requires high-end processors. The 6s has all the functionality like 3D touch. The rest is nice to have but nothing that lets me do anything new with the device.
But I never had a plus phone and I didn’t think the extra screen real estate was worth the bulkiness. Now, with even more real estate I actually think that phone can take on a new role and I will more often go out without my iPad and be productive with the phone. So now I saw a justification to upgrade.
The 6s already feels tiny in my hands …


So I can’t believe that there hasn’t been more mention of the Battery settings page in iOS 12 and all the additional data that’s now in there regarding battery charge level over time and the apps which have been most responsible for your battery drain - this is going to help me figure out my biggest battery drainers much more easily. (Maybe it was there previously for Apple original batteries and the detailed view suddenly started to support my 3rd party replacement battery at this iOS update). I really like that you can even highlight individual time periods to get the detail for that specific bar of the chart.


I also made the switch from Nest to Ecobee - predominantly because Nest resolutely refused to provide more than 1 week’s worth of historical data despite it being the No1 request from customers in their forum, and rather than being honest and saying that they had no intention of providing it, they gave mealy mouthed platitudes about it being on their list. Ecobee allow you to get all your historical data and include the outside temperature at your location, and you can donate your anonymized data to help research. With Nest I always felt that they were monitizing my data.


Here’s a greatl application for AR: Google Translate. Just aim your iPhone camera at a sign or menu and get it translated to English. Frankly, it’s the only AR application I’ve found to be useful.


@ChrisUpchurch so sorry I missed your question. I can’t remember which one I saw but it could have been:


It’s amazing to me that my 100% not supported hackintosh gives me less trouble than Katie’s $1000+ computer directly from Apple.