Mac Power Users 449: macOS Mojave


I am loving Todoists new Dark Mode it goes nicely alongside the Mojave dark mode!

I will say I have an odd one with my Desktop, For the most part is it clean but I only place files there if they are needed within this week or two and after that they get filled.

Generally it’s travel stuff and work documents that I am working on this week and I don’t use the stacks feature because of the way I use the desktop for my needs and stacks takes away me actually seeing the document to work on, just a visual thing to help me be more productive.


Hello All: I’m new to the forum but not to MPU. I love the podcast and I try to listen to it every week.

Katie mentioned she has had trouble with her MacBook Pro shutting down randomly. I now have this problem with the Mojave update. I did not have it before. I’m enjoying the new features with Mojave including the dark mode, but having to sign in every time it shuts down is painful as touch ID does not work with a restart. I’m not doing anything differently than I did before. I just shut my lid on the laptop.

Is anyone else having this problem? Has anyone found a fix for it?

I have a 13" 2016 MacBook Pro, 3.3 GHz Intel Core i7, Memory: 16 GB 2133 MHz LPDDR3


PS, I’m on Team Katie when it comes to a clean desktop. :wink:


I’m mostly Team Katie with regard to the desktop. I keep just one folder there, labeled “Current files” (though there are a bunch of subfolders there).

On my home machine, my Desktop and Documents are in iCloud.

That’s not true of my work machine; I thought it might get confusing to have both of those folders in iCloud. Instead, the one folder that lives on my work Mac’s desktop is an alias to the Desktop folder in iCloud.

It works well for me; my desktops are both tidy, and I can quickly access any file I need from either of the Macs or from iOS.


Bless me Katie, for I have sinned. I’ve had two files on my desktop today. I’ve since removed them. For penitence, I will recite the 1Password ad three times, and the TextExpander ad twice.


You are too modest @MacSparky! Without you and @katiefloyd nobody would be here!