Mac Power Users 451: Task Management Strategies


I’m late at listening, hard for me tocarve out a chunk of time I can listen to stuff.

Several comments:

On time estimates this is a system that has proved very accurate for me over years of all sorts of tasks.

L = least possible time the project could take (most optimistic)
M = most likely time for the project to take (best guess)
W = worst case for time project could take (most pessimistic)

Obviously L < M < W

Estimated time = (L+(3*M)+W)/5

On the whole Omnifocus stuff: I’m now a Farmer and yet i can’t even imagine not using a really powerful task manager like Omnifocus.

On the deferred date system idea. I have a bunch of projects that can only be done in a specific season that also repeat yearly (Right now I’m in the planning sheep breeding project I do every fall) So I have a lot of deferred dates. And almost all of mine are for projects not tasks. If I want to defer non-repeating projects I usually go ahead and pull them out of OF into my someday/maybe system and will re-activate them at some point in the future when I review them


My way of working exactly.


I, too, find that 2Do is extremely powerful and flexible, and regret that it is so often passed over by OF-centric podcast hosts when looking at task managers. It definitely deserves more air time than it’s getting.


I have both iOS/Mac versions of the app, and bought it so long ago I’m grandfathered into a semi-premium plan with free cross-platform sync. But for the life of me I can’t use it. There are no subtasks/checklists inside a List; instead you need to either use a special ‘checklist’ type to get a list of subtask checklist items, or you need to convert a task item via “New Checklist From Selection”. That is so clunky. Then there are the weird little things like the “Day After Tomorrow” view that no other task managers use (for good reason, I think). And I don’t have tons of faith in a dev in 2018 who can’t add https to his (extremely slow-running) website - when I visited it after each launch of Chrome I had to manually re-approve it to get to it.


I haven’t found a great cross-platform task manager yet. They all have quirks. But 2Do is a little quirkier than most, and as a one-dev shop changes are limited and they come slowly.


I actually use the “next three days” view most often. It’s good to know what’s on the immediate horizon and see whether I can steal a march on any of those tasks.


Expanding on Apple Reminders:
These two apps are built on top of the stock Reminders app and add additional features. They are great “in-between” options for when Reminders is not enough by other apps are two much. And since they work on top of Reminders, you get all the core OS integration.

I ended up going with GoodTask.


I bought Reminder because of that article! It’s what Reminders should look like, I think. I like it a lot.

I’ve had the free version of GoodTask on my phones for years but don’t rely on it. I would if I needed more of its automation capabilities, though. Like GoodTask, AnyList works through Siri to let me add items routed through Reminders… but I just never got the hang of it there either; I think I prefer the slower, more deliberative process of writing something down, the act of seeing an item printed often jogging my memory to specify, add to or edit the original item.


It’s accessible using https for me (and has been for quite a few months if my bookmarks are any indication). It also loads quickly. Odd that we’re having such different experiences with the site.


Yes, odd. I just specified https in the URL and it bounced me to http … and that Chrome warning again! Must be a Chrome-related issue, because I just tried in Safari and got https, and it loaded quite quickly as well! That’s the first time in a long time a site has loaded faster for me in Safari than Chrome. So odd. Thanks for the input @raucous