Mac Power Users 452: 2018 Developer Roundtable

I’m not sure what happened but the show notes for this episode don’t include most of the cool things that they talked about.


Dave Teare:

Ken Case:

Greg Scown:

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I would second visual studio code as a great IDE, I use it everyday for JavaScript, the value in all text editors comes from how actively is it being developed and plugin support, VSCode has that in buckets.

It’s well designed, and intuitive to use, most people would never notice that it’s an electron app.


It’s the little things in VSCode that work exactly as you think they will that makes it so awesome. My favorite be when writing a docstring over a function and then hovering over a place where it’s called and seeing that docstring appear.

I updated the show notes, thanks TJ!


I like when the velcro v cable ties discussion gets and update too! I use a product called “geartie” made by Nite Ize, I think the company is called. I have used them for some time; you can also bend them into stands, hooks and other things you can invent. I still used to have hooks and so on under my desk though.

A great show! It is nice to hear what the leaders in the industry are working towards and their visions overall.

Marzipan vs marmalade.

I’m not sure how big Paddington was in the 70’s in the US, but it was part of my UK childhood and the idea of mixing up marmalade sandwiches with ones made of marzipan is just wrong! But then i’m sure I’ll make similar mis-steps about many different elements of US cultural heritage.


In terms of the potential merging it f iOS and MacOS apps through the Marzipan project, is there perhaps an even longer term goal that Apple are considering and maybe they are also looking at how to have a common framework that could also be applicable to their eventual AR or VR offering?

Thanks for the show. So i learned today that there is still a way to buy a standalone version of 1password - without the benefits of the cloud , but also without disadvantages of the cloud - don’t want all my password in the internet, don’t matter how secure the servers are today. So i did buy this version and enjoy the local storage and sync.

If it is as good as VS Code (and I agree with the other posters on this), then why does it matter if it’s Electron. There are some pretty horrible Electron apps, for sure. This isn’t one.


Really enjoyed this episode. This was the first time I heard that OmniFocus is coming to the web. I’ve never dipped my toe in that pool because I have to use Windows at work, and wanted something that would work everywhere. However, recently, I seem to be running into the limitations of ToDoist in my life.

Might be time to try a big-boy task management system.

Thanks Katie, I was afraid the show notes were being out behind the paywall.

The link I was looking for in the show notes isn’t there. David said he’d put a link there about the MacBook Pro with the mechanical keyboard attached with Velcro.

Thanks for this episode. It’s always interesting to see how these platforms are working for developers - especially ones who have been there so long.

I was a little surprised by the discussion on syncing. I applaud developers who have gone to the extra effort to providing a sync engine that’s optimized for their problem domain and that they can support. The reason I applaud them is that it gives me hope that theirs will work. Things and Dropbox are two examples of products with proprietary sync services I’ve used that seem very solid to me. I’ve never seen an unexpected issue with either one.

Apple’s solutions are still, unfortunately, not reliable for me. The last time I saw a sync issue? That would be this last weekend when I ended up with two different versions of the same Apple Note. I see that a few times a month - always in notes that I’ve gone back to edit. It feels like I’m writing on quicksand. I occasionally see it when I sync contacts. Then there’s iCloud Drive. Will a file that I’ve added appear on other devices? Maybe? I wish I knew why this was all so hard for Apple.