Mac Power Users 454: MPU+: Did You Just Fall Down?

Interesting discussion on Evernote. I’ve considered moving away from it as well. I have all my important documents also stored on my iMac and use EagleFiler.

However, I have a ton of typed in notes within Evernote and so I’m curious what recommendations there might be for migrating those. I’d like an ongoing way to capture typed notes as well. I’m thinking this looks like Apple Notes as a good solution.

Evernote to EagleFiler:

Evernote to Apple Notes:

Evernote to Keep It:

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When I sent in my 2017 MBP for keyboard replacement (sigh) last month, they also needed the firmware password. I followed similar steps to secure my data as she did.

After hearing David had issues with eBay, and Katie is getting rid of her MBP, how do you sell your gear if you don’t have a friend to purchase it? Ebay? Craigslist? Swappa? I know that Gazelle is hassle-free, but there’s a pretty steep price difference between resale and Gazelle.

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I sold my Kindle, an Amazon Dot, an iPhone and an iPad mini to Amazon in exchange for an Amazon gift card added to my account. Amazon offered me the most money for each item compared to Gazelle et al.

I have a relative who’s an ebay maven with a very high reputation feedback score, and if I have something Amazon won’t take, or is a more specialized sale (like an art book) I’ll occasionally sell through her, as established sellers with good reps get higher prices than people who aren’t active with a track record.

In the past I’ve sold camera gear on Craigslist, usually meeting people at home or a local Starbucks. Tons of horrible, horrible cheap people on Craigslist making insultingly lowball offers, but once I’ve found someone interested who’s made a fair offer/counteroffer, the deals have gone smoothly.

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Past two devices that I’ve gotten rid of (Series 3 Apple Watch and now my 1st Generation iPad Pro 12.9”) I’ve sold to Apple through their Give Back program.

Apple offered me $150 for my 6S Plus when I put an XS Max into my shopping cart. That’s $4.95 more than amazon! I am seriously considering going with Apple BUT when the site recognized me & my phone it put me down for a T-Mobile phone to switch to, as opposed to an unlocked phone, so I want to make sure I can get an unlocked model. And since I haven’t done this before I need to learn more about the timing involved in sending Apple my old iPhone… or whether I can do it all by walking 15 minutes to my local Apple Store.

Google offered $92 for an iPhone 6 128GB in trade for a new Project Fi phone.

I’m not giving up my iOS devices but needed an Android phone to activate Fi service so went for a cheap model.

Gazelle and Apple wouldn’t offer much if anything for something older than the 6s.

My last watch went in as Apple take back.

@RosemaryOrchard, we need a Marketplace section on this website!!

Do the 15-min walk to the Apple Store. Not only will you get “free” exercise, it will prevent any potential problems or misunderstandings with getting the unlocked phones or timing of returning the old phones.

My wife and I recently bought new iPhones Xs and Xs Max, each of us trading in our old iPhones 6 and 6+. We each received a good-enough credit, as I recall slightly more than Gazelle offered. The Apple store gave us a quote, then I quickly checked Gazelle on the spot to compare quotes.

We asked for unlocked phones - the store rep completely understood and supplied them, no problem. The store rep guided us through signing out of the old phones and restoring to the new phones. While we went through the 30-min process to restore to the new phones, we took the opportunity to ask many questions and learn some new tricks about the phone. Very worthwhile, even for experienced iPhone users.

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I think that’s a great idea! I thought it poor form to hijack a thread with a buy-my-stuff comment, but I think this would work well in this community.

Thanks for posting your experiences, @Arthur. I think I’ll probably do something along the lines you suggest.

Great episode as always.

One question regarding Evernote to @katiefloyd (or whoever likes to chime in on this): How do you deal with the scanning of business cards and having a digital version of the card as well as a contact in my contacts (and ideally adding the person on LinkedIn)?

Regarding having Apple Mail Rules save email to folders “On My Mac” versus in the cloud. I understand the convenience of having email in the cloud so it can be accessed from iOS, but shouldn’t it be going On My Mac as well so it can be backed up? I thought the objective was to get everything out of the inbox (which I’ve never been able to do)

Mail displayed in the mail app is always already backed up with whatever you are using to back up your computer (e.g. time machine). What you see in Mail is a local store of what’s also on your mail server. If the goal is just to ensure they get backed up, duplicating to an On My Mac folder is not necessary.

I may be on the incorrect episode, but did the dash versus underscore ever get settled? Because of the show, but want to go back and reformat my file names correctly. The way mentioned makes perfect sense! :+1:t2:

It’s hyphen v. dot on date form — 2018.11.03 v. 2018-11-03
It was originally discussed/argued many episodes ago. :crazy_face:

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Thanks! I couldn’t remember where. :sweat_smile:

I prefer hyphens over underscores or periods. <points to ISO 8601>


I prefer no delimiters in the date in file names. My files that are named date-first have this format:

20181115filename for those where I need to know to the day or week. I have no need to go to the hour or minute or nanosecond.

201811filename for files that are filed monthly, such as utility bills.

2018Q3filename for files that are filed quarterly.

2018filename for those that are filed annually such as tax returns.

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