Mac Power Users 455: Apple October 2018 Event



A really good episode. Don’t ever stop making podcast you two @MacSparky @katiefloyd
You really are good at it, fun to listen to and some very good perspectives on things.

And congrats on your new gear!


Many musicians use iPads. For them killing the audio-in/out port (because it’s more than a headphone jack) will be very disappointing.


Probably my biggest problem with the new iPads is the lack of a headphone jack. I was thinking about using a new iPad to play songs on a radio show I’m involved with, and that requires a dongle now. Ugh.

The machine does look super sexy though - and I really want one :slight_smile:


Especially when on stage (or even in a long recording session) the dongle won’t be enough, as you don’t want to risk draining your battery. You‘ll want to plug in audio and a charger at the same time. Maybe they will make a special dongle for that, but still …


As this is USB C it’s not a new problem. There are many dongles out there on Amazon with a headphone port and pass through charging.


This is actually an area where USB-C is superior to Lightning. You can plug the iPad into a USB-C hub and get power (and multiple ports).


That’s good news. But they still could have kept the audio port just to make things more accessible. Now you need to buy a dongle if you want to start recording.