Mac Power Users 458: MPU+: There's Something You Didn't Tell Me



Well… did not see this one coming… Good luck @katiefloyd


Wow…well best to you @katiefloyd. Congratulations on taking the leap. I hope what’s coming your way brings you much joy.


I loved Katie’s incredulity when David announced the Gift Wrap Field Guide.


Clearly David has entirely too much time on his hands …
(In fairness, this has a lot more class than the typical YouTube “unboxing” video :grinning:)


@katiefloyd Whoa, that was a doozy of an announcement, but all the best of luck to you, you will be missed!

@MacSparky Think I am gonna try your new field guide for this season. I am usually terrible at wrapping gifts, maybe this will make it easier for me. Looks easy :sunglasses:


@katiefloyd You will be greatly missed! :frowning:


I am going to need some time to wrap my head around the notion of MPU without @katiefloyd! I’m glad we have until the end of the year to adjust. Thank you for your nine years of great podcasts, Katie.


On the “ideal week”, I’ve been doing a bit of a Cortex archive binge and Myke and Grey talk about something like this in Episode 24

By the way, “Self-improvement is like keyboard shortcuts,” has to be one of the most hilariously nerdy things I’ve ever heard.


As a recent regular listener I’d already felt at home with @katiefloyd and @MacSparky together. While we all want certain things to be consistent I appreciate both Katie’s desire to move on and the way in which she and David handled the announcement. Class, grace and style…much like the products we love to talk about here. Thank you Katie!


Me too sister. When Katie first told me, I was moping around for days but, as her friend, I truly believe she is making the right decision.


But it’s true! AmIRight?


@katiefloyd, good luck with your future projects, you will be greatly missed.


Lol, I actually put this in apple notes for later laughs, but it IS true: I only get conversant with apps by deliberately training myself to use the shortcuts, a good reminder that things get better with deliberate repetition and practice.


I started listening to MPU at around episode 30 and in 8+ years or so I don’t think I’ve missed a single episode. It’s weird to feel like you know someone so well yet they don’t know you. I will miss you @katiefloyd! Thanks for everything and I wish you the best in your future endeavors!


@katiefloyd WHAT THE WHAAAAAT!?!??! I’m super excited for you, but dang it! I start my week with @MacSparky and yourself. The banter, opinion, and commentary is helpful and enjoyable. You will be missed and wish the very best going forward.


There are definitely cost reasons for the increase in Mac prices in the last few generations. That’s not to preclude that Apple are increasing their margins, too.

  1. Apple are including T-series chips. These are thought to be a version of the A10 Fusion processor,
  2. Apple is including a Thunderbolt 3 controller.

Both of these components are expensive, probably a combined cost of around $100 at a guess and potentially more than that. Look at the prices of TB3 docks and hubs, and the other is an iPhone SoC (an entire second processor) or some version of it. I suspect that, all things being equal, these two components would bump the hardware cost significantly. So it’s not just a matter of updated hardware - these machines contain hardware they simply didn’t have before.

This must be at least part of the story.


I must be the odd one with iPad use. I very rarely use mine in landscape mode at all. But I mostly use mine for reading and basic web browsing.


Most of the feedback on this episode is either about Katie’s announcement and the Gift Wrap Field Guide. I just watched the Field Guide at work (being super productive), and now have another bunch of equipment to purchase to wrap my gifts. More money spent thanks to MPU!

(All comments intended to be in good fun - loved the field guide. We will see if I have enough patience for this).


David said in this episode that he has perspectives in OmniFocus that has the defer date for today or tomorrrow and is flagged. I can’t see how this is possible without including items defered for further in the future. Does anyone know if this is possible? Thanks.