Mac Power Users 458: MPU+: There's Something You Didn't Tell Me


Sad to hear Katie is leaving. Podcasting is an interesting medium. You really get attached to folks and feel you know them somewhat, especially for long time listeners.


I am not to fond of the news that Kati is leaving. I very much liked her contribution; she balances the show and asks open questions to guests. The last months I find the podcast more and more a Davids one man show.


Mine’s mostly portrait orientation. I use it for doodling, taking handswritten notes, reading etc. It’s only in landscape if I’m using the keyboard.


Wow! What a shock to the system that @katiefloyd will no longer be on MPU. I am heartened to hear that there is nothing untoward about this departure and thanks to the team for easing us into the change. I am saddened to hear it, but at the same time, I wish Katie all the best in the future! I look forward to the new slant on MPU, especially with S. Hackett.


MPU has made me cry with laughter over the years but this time you guys made me cry tears of real sadness with Katie’s announcement (seriously - I was driving when I heard this and I almost reversed over my neighbors trashcan in shock!)

@katiefloyd i will miss your smarts, charm and witty repartee with David. PLEASE come back occasionally as a guest and keep @MacSparky in line!!


@katiefloyd, what a start into the week, sad to hear about you leaving MPU. Best of luck to you for the new waters!


I had a feeling something has been up with @katiefloyd. Could hear it in her voice over the past couple of months. Will miss the ying and yang of @MacSparky and you. Best of luck and hope that we get to hear about your exciting new adventures sometime soon.


To those who enjoyed (like me) the last bit of this episode regarding routines and rituals, I would highly recommend this book I just finished reading: Atomic Habits by James Clear. In fact, a lot of what @MacSparky says is expounded upon by Clear in the book (including habit tracking, habit stacking etc.)


Good point. I too could tell Katie was not her usual self during the podcast lately. It seemed she had less to say over time. It was noticeable during segments when a guest was on. The guest and David would go on and on and Katie would get a few words in here and there. I wish Katie well in her new endeavors, but will miss her insight and witt in keeping David grounded. As for MPU it would have been nice to have another female cohost, there are so few females in the technical podcasting world and they do bring a unique message to the podcast. We will see where MPU goes.


This is next on my list, I really enjoy his blog


I’d like to make several comments about the price hike with the latest Apple devices, I understand they aren’t in business for the love of it, but I would posit that the 32GB cheaper iPad only exists because Apple are getting caned by Google Chromebooks in the education market and the new prices for their devices pushes people out of the Apple market. It’s sad to see us return to the days of Performas where Apple was close to being only an expensive joke - yes I joined the Apple fraternity with an SE20 in 1993, and now have a 2016 MBP with a terrible keyboard and a secondhand iPad Pro, patently I’m not going to be an Apple customer after these at todays prices.


Shout out to @MacSparky for mentioning the option of attaching the Pencil to the upper rear of the iPad Pro. Keeping the Pencil attached to the side when holding the iPad in portrait isn’t too onerous, but it’s a minor annoyance, so storing it on the back is much nicer.


I should have mentioned this on the show. I am currently reading this book. Love it.


Ah, good old days (Macworld 2013, MPU Live)IMG_0119 IMG_0106


Me too! I just read it and immediately started it again with a notebook in hand.