Mac Power Users 462: Return to the Snell Zone


I listened to the show on my commute to work yesterday (which was made extra pleasant because most people were either off of work, or had already traveled to their desired holiday destination). I did not exactly want to work on Christmas Eve, but my team needed me.

I particularly enjoyed learning about Jason’s skills in the audio world (I was not aware that he was as talented in audio production and editing), and also enjoyed the book chat with @katiefloyd. My desire for 2019 is one book a month too.

Thank you for making my AM drive more enjoyable!

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Really enjoyed the iMac Pro discussion! I finally understand why the cooling is so much better, too. Good guest choice as the year ends.

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Continuing the discussion from Mac Power Users 462: Return to the Snell Zone:

I too loved the episode with Jason Snell and hold out hope that Jason will someday produce the podcasting course that he spoke of. Until Jason offers that course, I’d love to know if anyone is aware of a course that’s now available online and that covers podcasting how-to’s. I’m interested especially in the equipment, recording, hosting and pre- and post production aspects of podcasting (in particular, for an interview-based podcast where the interviewee is at a location that’s remote from my podcasting location). Thanks.

It’s not quite the full course that you’re looking for, but on episode 200 of Upgrade Jason Snell and Mike Hurley talk about their podcasting setups and workflows in quite a bit of detail.

Google is your friend. Lots and lots (and lots) or articles on this … everywhere. Here’s a list of podcasts about podcasting:

Until last year Dan Benjamin (the owner of the 5x5 podcast network) did a podcast about podcasting that had a lot of good instruction and discussions about gear, recording, sponsorship and more:

FYI I was just reading about a free System Service add-on, and that led to a video by a man who makes a currently-produced podcast series about making podcasts:

I missed this one because of the sheep AI class and just got time to go back and listen to it.

I especially loved the discussion of the Kindle. My husband and I still have our original generation 1 kindles. Mine is now relegated to museum status but he still uses his. He’s replaced the battery several times on his. I keep mine around because I’ve had authors autograph the case for it. I also still have my 2012 paperwhite.

While I agree with all the benefits mentioned for e-ink displays I found that all my reading now is on my 5th generation iPad Air. The reason I started reading electronic books there is that when I was taking my Masters Classes in college many of the textbooks were in color with pictures and illustrations. It also meant I only needed to carry one device to both read and do schoolwork but also to look at the recorded lectures and other materials from my courses. I am a voracious reader, usually over 100 books a year and have been reading science fiction since I learned to read. (Started on Astounding and similar pulp era magazines.) Now I’ve got to go back and find the book club podcasts and listen to some of them and see if my favorite authors are reviewed at all.

Edited to add
Yep, Paolo Bacigalupi is there. He’s a neighbor and Water Knife is far too close to real. And some others as well. This could be dangerous, yet another podcast.

Fantastic Guest, learned a lot , very high quality

Thanks everyone! I’m glad you liked the episode and am honored that Katie asked for me to be on as her last interview.


Thank you! I wish I had something more thorough but in the meantime here’s a link to all my articles about making podcasts:

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Thanks so very, very much, Jason. I can’t wait to dig into the resources that you’ve kindly provided. Also can’t wait to get my podcast underway. Best to you and a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year to you and yours as well. Charlie

I am a strong reader trying to read more books and less internet time… just curious when/how do you make time to support a reading habit of 100 a year?

I take a tablet with me so I can read while waiting in lines at the bank or post office. I take it with me to the Pub and often read a bit while enjoying a beer. I also read at least half an hour every day and ideally an hour. Usually before I go to bed. I also often read in the afternoon or when waiting for something to finish or update on my computer. I am doing a systme upgrade on my laptop and decided to process incoming e-mails so that lead me to here to answer you. (< 2 min to write a response :wink: )

and you can tell given my terrible typing anf poor spelling