Mac Power Users 463: All Good Things


MacSparky, thank you for responding! But please note that the issues with Fujitsu are more than just old scanner support but also their new licensing restrictions.

Keep up the good work!


About Katie’s Goodbye - thank you so much for the last episode. As it wound down to the end, I couldn’t believe how the two of you were holding it together. Thank you both so much for all that you do, and thank you in particular David for carrying on with the show despite the challenges that have arisen for your family and then Katie’s departure. That it “comes from a place of love” is very evident.


Watch the Capaldi episodes! Heaven Sent is a masterpiece, and so is its music . I just buy the seasons from iTunes. It’s frustrating to have to wait till midnight Pacific (my 3am) on the day of broadcast, as I effectively get the next episode the day after the UK and have to ignore commentary and spoilers. It was good to get up on a Sunday morning and have a new episode to watch. This season has also been great, but unfortunately the Beeb has decided to move it from its time honoured Saturday slot to Sunday, which means I get each new episode on a Monday, and that made it hard to keep up with this season.


First, I have to say that I have listened to hundreds of hours of episodes and hard to believe that this era is over. Great team. I think Katie adding a female voice was very important in a heavy tech field. I never really heard why she left, but I admire anyone who wants a new direction or a new direction is forced on them. The real challenge now is to rethink the show and see what will develop.

One more thing…I will become a less devoted listener because I am moving away from the Apple platform after many years. I am finding the price and all the enduring costs is not worth the reality that many of the apps are cross-platformed. The only app that I cannot get on Android that I really miss is TextExpander.

Great show. I am a big Macsparky fan. I know whatever is produced by him is quality.


Going to miss the dream team. Unsure if I’ll enjoy the show still. I am certainly going to try but I’ve been listening for just over a year and will endeavour to start from the beginning to see how much the show has matured.

I know it shouldn’t be but it’s a sad time to think it won’t be K & D anymore.


“Unwashed masses”. Please. Since when is having a different opinion worth that kind of knee-jerk insulting? Have we gone that far?

FWIW, I have always found the ad reads both more plentiful in mpu (4 reads in 1.5h vs other podcasts that do 3 in 2+h), longer (some are over 3 minutes), and overzealous in praise to the point where I honestly feel they’re being misrepresented in value. If you don’t think so, that’s cool, but I think it’s a valid opinion.

I also feel like Katie’s departure maybe should have marked the end of a good podcast, rather than just going on and on for no reason save advertising like The Big Bang Theory or something. Too early to tell, but yeah, it has that feeling.

But every time I say that, people either call me out at best, or refer to me in terms of “unwashed masses”.

So there’s that.


Due respect, I think you missed the meaning of my comment. Or I was inelegant in the way it was stated, leading to misinterpretation.

“Unwashed massed” was meant as a self-deprecating term, aimed at myself and other non-podcaster listeners who are now, though this forum, allowed access to the forum to share our ideas. This was meant to be humorous, but apparently that was not obvious when stated in black-and-white text. I would never insult anyone for having different ideas. There is entirely too much insulting going on these days. When I read comments in various forums, I try to be more circumspect and try to see others’ points of view before inferring insult, rather than simple misunderstanding.

When I was younger, in college, our classmates would sometimes refer to ourselves humorously as the “unwashed masses” when found ourselves in situations interacting with “higher-ups” - teachers, professors and so on.

Edited to add: “Unwashed masses” = all of us “common folks”, in this case listeners to the podcast. The podcasters would be the “exalted, learned ones”.

2nd edit to add: Referring back to the referenced post (#42 ), I replied to and was commiserating with @dchar., who felt that the podcasters were criticized and abused by forum posters. I attempted to lighten up the discussion, first by attempting (inelegantly, it turns out) a semi-humorous remark, then complimenting David’s and Katie’s part in the rapidly-growing podcast industry and further complimenting them for opening this forum to (and I quote) “all of us”. Referring back, of course, to us, the “unwashed masses” I mentioned at the beginning.

I don’t think that a fair and context-sensitive interpretation of my post would be that of an insult to anyone; it was certainly not meant to be. Next time I should perhaps include a smiley-face emoticon :grinning: to preclude misinterpretation.


Note to self: Don’t use 19th century literary phrases in tech forums. :smile:


Well said.

On the bright side, this forum allows “diverse” participants, including seasoned citizens like me who sometimes utter … _“antique” … _ phrases.


Note to self: refrain from commenting here again. This never seems to go well for me.

My mistake. Apologies. Going away now, again.


Sorry for the delayed response; busy enough that I haven’t checked the forum in a few days.

I just wanted to thank David for weighing in on this thread and learning his voice to our discussion.

I never assumed you (or Katie) would be posting regularly here. This forum is a great service for all of us to share our ideas, tips, concerns, etc, but the task of reading everything, much less commenting on everything, would be insurmountable.

Thanks for jumping in on this particularly controversial thread, however. And thanks for finding a way to support Katie as she moves on and still keeping MPU alive!


Solid episode. Sad to see Katie leave but quite the glowing tribute and send off. I’m curious what favorite shows of hers are that had come to Netflix. Also curious if she allows text notifications on her Apple Watch.


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Well, I think it is up to myself if I am interested in my favorite host’s desktop image, isn’t it? No need to tell anybody here what to be interested in. I understand that you would prefer a strictly tech-based podcast with no personal talk at all. That’s fine. I prefer a mix of tech and personal issues. And so do many others. That’s just how it is. I don’t see any reason for limiting ourselves to tech just because we consider ourselves as “power users”. Tech and social/personal issues go hand in hand, so why just cover one side?


Bingo! Plus honestly I don’t watch Star Wars or Star Trek so I’m curious what other stuff Katie enjoys to watch.