Mac Power Users 466: John Gruber Returns


It’s wild that I typed this comment using a markup language he invented.


Holy crap - can’t wait to listen!

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This was like a crossover/mashup dream come true, hosts of my two of my favorite shows on one podcast.

If you guys ever get the ATP trio on you’d definitely see a grown man cry tears of joy :joy:

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This episode was excellent. THE guy that created markdown? The language that I type everything in? Wow…

Random thoughts from the episode:

  • I have a 2013 15” MacBook Pro with the good keyboard. Will it last until an ARM MacBook comes out? Please, please, please!
  • Thanks so much for giving me another RSS feed and podcast for my consumption pleasure.

Pin-tabs. I have 5 open and one of them is this forum :slight_smile:

I’m aware of the individual shows, I meant all three together at once, plus the MPU team. :smile:

I forgot about Basecamp using textile! (Actually, I knew it as GroupHub at the time because they allowed you to pick your domain.) Enjoyed hearing about how it works when interviewing Apple execs. I believe a question can be crafted to throw off Tim Cook without getting the interviewer blacklisted. You can do it, John!

The edit would kill me.


Would also be longest show in MPU history

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I’ve been an MPU listener since the beginning, and the “Katie effect” of reining David back in from his Uber geekiness is sorely missed and quickly noticed with the new direction of the podcast. Although interesting so far, not all of us are at the pinnacle of being a Mac power user, but merely want to improve using the tools and apps that we have or want to use or have. Please don’t leave us behind. < getting down off soapbox > :thinking:


I hesitate to jump to the conclusion that anything has changed with MPU in this regard based on a single episode; the first interview show of the new lineup, no less.

If this episode wasn’t for you, that’s totally fine. I’m sure you’re a long-time listener and you already know just how much episodes vary from each other. If I judged MPU based only on, say, Episode 435 “Catching up with Don McAllister”, I’d probably say MPU just isn’t for me.

MPU’s long history shows that it really can’t easily be pegged by one episode alone. Every episode will bring something different to the table. I don’t write fiction, and the deep dive into that process with Matt Gemmell didn’t really “improve using the tools we have or want” because novel-writing isn’t what I do, nor is remote video production, or writing screenplays, or being a monk, or being a lawyer. I can think of (literally – because of MPU’s long history) probably 100 episodes that address something that is well outside my area of interest/expertise/experience that goes way over my head. And that’s okay, because I think think of probably 100 episodes that more directly related to my interests and experiences.

Maybe the next interview show will be with someone that is directly interesting to you!


What’ve you got against Don?

J/k :smile:

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For some reason I thought Myke and Federico would show up when I heard you introducing the show :wink:

It was a good listen, but more a Talkshow than a MPU.


awesome episode! Really really nice!

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Sorry to say, but I really hope that this episode is not ‘the new standard’ of the Mac Power Users podcast. It is way to geeky for me.

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Don’t worry @tom we’ve got a lot of variety in future planned guests and if one isn’t your cup of tea, hopefully, the next will be.


I would carefully like to echo the comment @FrankV made above, what would be very important to me is that MPU remains MPU, and is not painted in the RELAY colors like most other relay fm podcasts. I’ve removed some of them from my feed because to me it’s they seem the same podcast content wise, just a different (but limited) set of hosts making the rounds. (and now also on MPU…)

MPU is an important podcast to many listeners and to me, the many forum activities more or less prove that, and I’d hate to lose it.

then again: I really liked the episode, so from my point of view I’m sticking with MPU for a little while longer :slight_smile:

I enjoyed this episode so far (still one hour to go).

I am responding in this thread only to bring some balance into the mix: I agree that not every guest is everybody’s cup of tea. There have been several in the past that did not meet my interests (also in the good old days with @katiefloyd), but that is fine.

I really enjoyed listening to John Gruber being on the show as a guest.

@ismh and @MacSparky, please stay courageous in bringing different perspectives on the MPU podcast.

At the same time, I get @JKoopmans worries about MPU still being MPU and not to become one more Relay FM podcast. I do not mean this to be understood as a devaluation of Relay FM podcasts on my part. It is just that the MPU really has a unique way and perspective that distinguishes this show from other shows.