Mac Power Users 471: Menu Bars, Docks & Startup Apps, Oh My!


Good episode and like others, it prompted me to add a few new menu bar apps. I’m also in the camp of using Bartender on a 27" iMac. Not only do I have so many apps up there that it starts to impinge on some applications’ menus, but it helps me find what I need on a priority basis. Here are a few I use that weren’t mentioned in the show:

MacUpdater - A software update engine like the MacAppStore, but for everything else.
Mountain - Keeps certain network shares always mounted and certain backup drives unmounted when not in use.
Clean Shot - Screenshot utility
Unclutter - Notepad, file shelf, and clipboard storage
Keybase - PGP crypto storage
Encrypt Me VPN
Drafts for Mac beta
Yoink - File shelf
Google Drive Filestream
Ubersicht - Desktop widgets
Bumpr - Web browser chooser


The IFTTT solution gave a limit of file size (I think it was 30MB?), and it was smaller than what I need to upload. I wonder if that was the Dropzone problem. (I already uninstalled it.)


Is there a keyboard shortcut to paste one by one from the clipboard?
At this moment, I have to do a Cmd-Shift-C to open the clipboard menu and press Enter to paste one line, then another Cmd-Shift-C and arrow key to move next line and Enter.
And so on…


PopClip is so good!
It seems to be somewhat what Drafts aspires to be on the Mac with its actions.
I’m surprised how quickly PopClip “clicked” with me.


PopClip didn’t work for me because of the lag it takes to appear and it’s somewhat inconsistencies - certain times it appear and certain times it didn’t. Does that happen to you?


This happens to me also, and mostly stopped using it. I like the consistency of keeping my fingers on the home row and learning keyboard shortcuts anyway.


I love PopClip too. The one thing I wish it did was have a way to pop up when I selected text using the keyboard and then to select one of the options with the keyboard as well.


This is the episode where I literally learned for the first time that you can keep folders in your dock! Game changer! I don’t know how I didn’t know this before.


You can trigger PopClip via the keyboard using a simple Keyboard Maestro macro.

You’ll find more info here:


That’s exactly what I was looking for! Thanks.


Latency hasn’t been a problem at all.
Sometimes the menu doesn’t appear, and so far I have chalked that up to my highlighting things that might not be applicable. It could be app dependent though. I’ve only just bought it, and haven’t learned the nuances.

PopClip latency, iMac Pro



Stupid question on menu bar… in a multi monitor, can I have the menu bar appear in the external monitor as well? For instance, I could be working on Excel in the external monitor and I want to open recent file. The menu bar is at the laptop side, so I have to move my mouse all the way across to access it. It’s not convenient :thinking:


Yes. Go to System Preferences > Displays > Arrangement and drag the white bar at the top of the monitor icon for your laptop monitor onto the icon for the external display.


Yes, but that will make the bar disappear from my MacBook and the problem will persist if I worked on something on the MacBook. But I guess, since the MacBook screen is smaller, it’s easier to move the mouse across, relatively speaking.


You need to enable individual spaces for each monitor to have the menu bar appear on all screens :slight_smile:


This works! Thank you.
Clicking the setting requires me to log out and log in again and it works like a charm!


I have to raise a defence for the Touch Bar and point out I’m also a heavy user of keyboard shortcuts.

I came to Mac from a windows laptop, at the point of evaluating if my next machine was going to be another windows laptop or an MBP: the Touch Bar nearly put me off purchasing the MBP because of my use of shortcuts.
In practice I’ve grown to like it, some of the function key shortcuts I’m used to from windows world are shortcuts that don’t require the function bar keys in the Mac world; which negates that concern.

I like that:

  • the volume adjustment can be reduced to a single slide action;

  • it gives you keyboard method of launching picture-in-picture on YouTube;

  • the predictive text helps out with words I struggle to spell or if my fingers are having a bad typing day.

  • Quite a few dialogues (yes / no / cancel / save etc) are often offered on the Touch Bar which is quicker than triggering them with tab+space bar or moving to mouse/track pad & then orientating the cursor.

If the function keys are required they spring back into existence on pressing the fn key so they’re not that far away.

Having started out nearly not converting to Mac at all because of the Touch Bar; I’m now hoping that by the time I create a desk area with external monitors etc there’ll be a full-size keyboard available with Touch Bar built in. Actually, I’m confused as to why that doesn’t already exist, I’m guessing with the magic keyboard being cordless they’re concerned about battery drain. I’d quite happily have a corded one though.


Can anyone offer insight into DropZone vs. DropShare? I realize they aren’t really the same thing, but there seems to be a fair bit of overlap, and I can’t quite wrap my head around how the use cases differ.


After your comment, I realized there are three keyboard keys devoted to volume. And three devoted to media play (that I never use). (Shared F keys, but w/e.)


I think having the Touch Bar as an option in the future is better than making it mandatory, but would by far prefer just having the F-keys back. If you want to make some fancy small oled screen with shortcuts and stuff, the HUGE trackpad is like RIGHT THERE! Just put it underneath, make some multitouch shortcut to switch between trackpad mode and shortcut mode, and just live with everyone saying “why didn’t you do that three years ago??”