Mac Power Users 471: Menu Bars, Docks & Startup Apps, Oh My!


I’m using Bartender 3 and instead of a dropdown second line it toggles the display on the menu bar to the second set of icons. So instead on the dropdown they are display on the menu bar in place of the normally displayed icons. Functionally the same toggle effect with a different presentation.


That’s true but I do like the multiple-row option as the OCD-me can choose what to put in what row. At this moment, my second, hidden bar, is really a mess!


I would be very interested in how much Microsoft, Brave, Epic, Vivaldi, Opera are contributing to the code along with Google, and who is taking decisions about the roadmap.
It’s not because someone uses Chromium, that they are participating to the development (ie giving back to the community). In case of Microsoft for example, I haven’t yet read an article about them contributing. They might be, though.


Given that Microsoft just announced the switch to Chromium a mere four months ago and haven’t even released a product based on it yet, I don’t think anyone expected them to be contributing anything at this time. Brave (which switched to Chromium from its proprietary Muon codebase a year ago) has code right now on Github.


Yes agree with the Open Link. Also use the Google Search a lot and good old Copy and Paste. I like the ‘Paste =’ for a formatting free paste.


That’s a good news from Brave ! I hope Microsoft will follow, as well as others !


Well, I’ve been using CardHop for the Mac for some time now, at it’s far better than the stock Contacts app.

Except for the stupid app Icon… it’s a sandwich with a bite taken out of it. Really, Flexibits? That’s so stupid. The iOS icon doesn’t have this, so why this silly icon on the Mac?

At least I can put the app into the menu bar and not in my dock so I don’t have to see it.

Not sure what these guys were thinking…


How do you enable individual spaces?


under mission control in system preferences:

Sorry for the screenshot in italian, but it should be in the same position no matter the language :stuck_out_tongue:

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