Mac Power Users 475: Something Smells Funny

Exactly this. And if I’m too busy to even turn my wrist and look, the notifications are waiting for me when I get a moment.

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I feel the show level got elevated to new heights. Great duo there @MacSparky and @ismh


@ismh I am an avid user of Evernote, use it for all aspects of research and reference in my life, so I love it when it gets a little MPU love. FWIW, taking Tiago Forte’s “Building a Second Brain” was transformative for me on not only with time and personal knowledge management, but how I use Evernote.

Tiago would be a fantastic guest at some point and I can’t recommend the course enough to everyone in the forums here.

My question for you and anyone else who may know, is what is the capture tool you mentioned you’re using with EN that isn’t the stock one from the company? Is that a custom developed app or something out there on the web?


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It’s this shortcut from Viticci:

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I put my watch into airplane mode. I can still wear it and use it as a watch.

I’m really late catching up on all podcasts. I really liked this one.

I found it interesting that you’re finding value in old posts and stuff. I don’t have near the volume but I’m finding I want to reference posts on forums that i wrote in the past as well as some of the articles I’ve written on sheep that I need to update or re-work.

I used to put a lot of that stuff into DEVONThink but I’m finding that it’s easier to use, find and work with in Scrivener. I am still playing with this as I like DEVONThink for the searching abilities.