Mac Power Users 476: Exploring the Mac App Store

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That snake didn’t stand a chance.


Solid episode - I like the MAP though if I am given a choice by the developer I still purchase from their site just to be safe. Also nowadays I have Setapp which works as an alternative MAP as well and was mentioned in the show.

My most expensive purchase has been Things 3 (absolutely worth it) and oldest is The Unarchiver which is a zip/unzip application. I’m eyeing Pixelmator Pro as well!

Even though multi-iCloud tools have improved, I would still like to see some kind of “Mac App Store for your domain.” I’d like to see purchases from be transferable to, or for the company to bulk approve purchases for an app across all the iCloud accounts for their domain. This is a real issue that keeps our company from using the App Store to purchase software like Transmit because we want to be able to easily re-assign the license.

My oldest (opening day), most expensive, and in the end most disappointing purchase on the MAP was Aperture. It wasn’t that it had functional issues when I purchased it (beyond a tendency to crash). I’m just still disappointed that it was discontinued - especially after I put so much work into my photo library. That left me with a lingering distrust of Apple software. I use Lightroom now but there are still a few things that Aperture did better.

I also buy from the developer first if I can. I like the option of hearing from developers of apps that I use and that’s not something that the MAP supports. Versions from developers have also in the past sometimes been more functional than the app store versions. Because of that only a few of my favorite Mac apps were purchased on the app store and I haven’t purchased anything there recently.

Good to hear nature do it’s thing and the snake is no more.

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I’ve got the Kindle app on my Mac, and I use it a reasonable amount. I’m not going to sit down and read a novel on my iMac, but for non-fiction it’s useful to be able to bring a book up on my Mac while I’m looking at something else.

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Side note on sounds: Simple Beep did a great show focusing solely on Apple audio.

Love those guys. It’s such a great show.

I have a subscription to Office 365 (from work, so enterprise account or something), and I downloaded Office from the Mac App Store and login. It works.

The oldest apps in my Mac App Store account (not counting the free iLife apps):

  1. 1Password
  2. Marked
  3. Byword
  4. Reeder
  5. Kindle
  6. Final Cut Pro

I’m still using newer versions of four of the six, which is a pretty good ratio.

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If I recall correctly, there was a period of time where if an app wanted to access iCloud for sync, it has to be a MAP app and so some of my purchases were informed by that restriction. For me a big motivator is “buy once, download everywhere.”

At one point in the show, I thought Steven was going to bring up the topic of apps that you bought in the MAP, but don’t use any more or that you now get from elsewhere, which would be interesting to hear.

My first five apps downloaded are, in order, Twitter, Aperture, Compartments (a house cataloging app I never used despite my ambitions), SmartSleep (which let you edit the sleep parameters on your Mac), the Kindle which I sometimes use for copying citations, and FaceTime.

The oldest ones that I used to get from the MAP that I now get elsewhere include Fantastical, 1Password, Twitteriffic, Geektool.

The oldest that I still have on my iMac are Yoink, Jettison, Lingon 3, and HyperDock. My most recent is the new Drafts.

Out of the first 100 MAS apps I bought, the only ones I’m currently using to any extent are

  • Moom
  • SomaFM
  • Kindle
  • SmartReporter
  • SnapNDrag Pro
  • PopClip
  • Soulver

And that’s from mid-2011 through the fall of 2012.

I tend to buy from the MAS because I use 2 machines (has been 3) and I know that I can use the app everywhere.
Buying apps that make me choose 1, 2 or 3 licences frustrates me and sometimes puts me off while I think about it. Also, I just reinstalled a non-MAS app and had to go through the process of emailing the developer to reclaim a licence from another machine. I like the simplicity of MAS.

On a side note, thanks to @ismh (presumably) for the great show notes. The completeness will cost me money I think.


Additionally, I just then got a refund from the MAS for an small app that didn’t meet my expectations. It’s a simple process that’s not always possible (or obvious) with apps outside.
Of course demos are available for some apps outside, so it’s swings and roundabouts.

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Glad you enjoyed them :wink:

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@MacSparky Not a Office 365 subscriber so I can’t verify this myself but now that its in the Mac App Store you should be able to download from the App Store. Will let you get rid of that pesky auto updater needing to be updated.

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There’s been some discussion of going to the App Store version of Office on the forum as well:

I’ve done this on one of my Macs with no issues. I need got get around to doing the other two so I can get rid of those pesky Microsoft Update notifications.

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Maybe that’s where I saw it first. Not sure but I knew I had come across people on reddit so that was my first thought to link to.

Just saw in the show notes you guys wanted Carrot Weather in the MAS.