Mac Power Users 479: 100,000 Subscribers, with Rene Ritchie

A video a day keeps … the doctor away?

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I really liked the line of questioning in this episode. I learned some great things about publishing, blogging and algorithms etc that I would never have thought about. A great job from Stephen and David on asking some interesting questions and exploring some topics that are’t usually covered.


Discovered Ritchie on YouTube and promoted him to a must see. Thanks!

Nice episode!

When it comes to Apple Watch bands I’m kind of on the opposite end of the spectrum from @MacSparky and Rene. Aside from the sport band that came with it, my only other band is the Apple Link Bracelet. It was pricey, but I love it and use it all the time, so I think it was worth it.

Full screen/Split View mode on a Mac has been a bit odd, but the other day I found out that it does work well for me now, including redistributing windows. Here’s how:

  1. Put an app in full screen as normal
  2. 3 finger swipe up to show Mission Control
  3. Hover over the top left of the Desktop you want to adjust, click on the arrows
  4. This bumps the app(s) down
  5. Drag the app you want up to the Desktop pane at the top
  6. Drag another app on top of an existing Desktop to put it in Split View.

It sounds lengthy, but now it already feels wholly natural to me. I guess it changed at some point, as before stumbling upon this I agreed with the common belief that it just wasn’t possible to change things without breaking everything apart.

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I enjoyed this episode. Curious about the Panasonic camera.

The other thought I had with the windows and the lighting issue, would diffusing paper on the windows help to even out the light.

Overcast and cloudy days are perfect for photography.