Mac Power Users 482: Color Me Interested


There’s no keeping Sparks in check.


Great wishlist. I was just confused by one comment by @MacSparky. You mentioned that there were powerful IOS apps that would be great on the Mac and one of the once you mentioned was OmniFocus. Not only does it exist, but you also made a Field Guide for it…

Is there some functionality in the IOS app you think is missing? I just bought the guide and have not started it yet…

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And Omnigroup: PLEASE don’t make a marzipan OF app! The iPad app is only just there as it is. Nowhere near the macOS app in functionality…


@ismh, your financial formatting TextSoap job is absolutely begging to be named “Launder Money”.


On the topic of geo-tagging photos, I’ve been using the GPS4cam Pro iPhone app / desktop app to tag raw files before importing to Lightroom. Unfortunately I’m not sure how much life that particular application has as there doesn’t appear to have been any updates or social media activity since 2014.

If you are a Lightroom user, there is functionality in there to load a gpx file and tag your photos although I think that would only be stored against in the LR catalogue and attached to any exported jpgs. I don’t think that updates the original source file so if you move away from LR in the future there’s a chance you might need to re-tag with something else (presuming you’ve kept the original gpx trail).


Can I say how happy I was to hear all the Katie Floyd references!!! Oh what she would have said to our David as he lovingly drank (as we all do) from the Apple kool aid! This is the episode that finally allowed me to enjoy Stephen in all his glory! I have been listening and it’s been fine, but our guys are rockin’ it now. Looking forward to more like this. Last episode threw me back a little less than $300! Thanks to @bowline for all discount heads up! Best to you all!



I was thinking about some of the more user-friendly creative apps. Photo and audio apps come to mind. You’re right though … that was a bad example.

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Thanks @Bacigirl. You made my day.


@MacSparky Yes, those would be nice. Especially Photoshop (or On1). But, as you pointed out, without an improved Files app it ain’t gonna work!


Ok. I’m jumping up & down. You’ll never know how you, Katie, Rose & Stephen have enriched my Mac life! Thank you! This Discourse group has been just a blessing to all of us like-minded folk. Focused has really blossomed too. I’ve always enjoyed Mike. Wishing you all the best!


@ismh your currency formatting challenge sounds like a job for PopClip. Highlight the text, PopClip appears, send it to TextSoap to clean it up.
Or, craft your own PopClip extension to remove currency formatting for you.
Whether all this works out or not, PopClip is still really handy.

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Hey guys @MacSparky @ismh , love ya work … but … one small tiny request. At first I let it slide but it has turned up more than once now. Please stop using ‘drug’ as the past tense of ‘drag’. If you did drag something in the past you ‘dragged’ it. A drug is a pharmaceutical or other not so legal substance. :slightly_smiling_face: Just trying to help.


According to Mariam-Webster drug is also the “dialectal past tense of drag”. So it’s a bit regional, but acceptable use.


I’m from the south so just be happy I don’t pronounce it as if it has 3 syllables.


Exactly. Some people just gotta’ dance with them what brung you.


I’m from the east, and they say drug here too.

– about 240 miles east :smile:


Holy moly! I stand corrected then. I’m guessing you’re all fine with ‘dove into the water’ rather then ‘dived into the water’ also? Looks like I’ll have to be drug kicking and screaming into the world of ‘international English’.


Yep. And next thing ya know you’ll be saying “y’all” like the rest of us!

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Not quite done with the episode but wanna chime in. David and Stephen talked about software that has its own ecosystem that stores stuff within it. Scrivener, Photos, and DayOne come to mind. Then there’s Lightroom which allows for stuff to be stored outside the software but managed by it.

I’m a Lightroom and Photos user. Photos handles all my iOS photos and videos. Makes cloud syncing easy too. Lightroom has my mobile photos too (through a Dropbox and Hazel system but I need to evaluate this as it’s been a while) along with my personal photos taken on digital cameras. My Lightroom photos are over 700gb. Not sure about my Photos library. I guess my rambling point is that though cloud services are awesome I’d want backups of important data like my photos. Curious if people feel the same way or if I’m out of touch?