Mac Power Users 482: Color Me Interested

Hey guys @MacSparky @ismh , love ya work … but … one small tiny request. At first I let it slide but it has turned up more than once now. Please stop using ‘drug’ as the past tense of ‘drag’. If you did drag something in the past you ‘dragged’ it. A drug is a pharmaceutical or other not so legal substance. :slightly_smiling_face: Just trying to help.


According to Mariam-Webster drug is also the “dialectal past tense of drag”. So it’s a bit regional, but acceptable use.


I’m from the south so just be happy I don’t pronounce it as if it has 3 syllables.


Exactly. Some people just gotta’ dance with them what brung you.

I’m from the east, and they say drug here too.

– about 240 miles east :smile:

Holy moly! I stand corrected then. I’m guessing you’re all fine with ‘dove into the water’ rather then ‘dived into the water’ also? Looks like I’ll have to be drug kicking and screaming into the world of ‘international English’.


Yep. And next thing ya know you’ll be saying “y’all” like the rest of us!

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Not quite done with the episode but wanna chime in. David and Stephen talked about software that has its own ecosystem that stores stuff within it. Scrivener, Photos, and DayOne come to mind. Then there’s Lightroom which allows for stuff to be stored outside the software but managed by it.

I’m a Lightroom and Photos user. Photos handles all my iOS photos and videos. Makes cloud syncing easy too. Lightroom has my mobile photos too (through a Dropbox and Hazel system but I need to evaluate this as it’s been a while) along with my personal photos taken on digital cameras. My Lightroom photos are over 700gb. Not sure about my Photos library. I guess my rambling point is that though cloud services are awesome I’d want backups of important data like my photos. Curious if people feel the same way or if I’m out of touch?

All my phone pics are saved to Photos on my iMac, then deleted from the phone. All my ‘real’ camera photos are saved to Lightroom Classic, on external iMac storage. I use BackBlaze as precautionary offsite backup (and I do local backups as well.)

I have no pressing desire or need to access thousands or tens of thousands of images at any time in the cloud, so I never use (or have used) iCloud Photos, or Google Photos.

I can see this changing somewhat if I get an iPad Pro later this year; I’d save some iPhone pics to Adobe’s cloud and edit them on the iPad, but ultimately I’d transfer them to my Mac and Lightroom Classic.

To answer @ismh’s question about manipulating formatted numbers on the clipboard more quickly, here’s the TextExpander way.

I have a ton of these shortcuts that all have triggers that start with ‘v’ (for Paste). Most are in TextExpander, but a few rely on Keyboard Maestro features, like the ability to store persistent variables.


…and here’s the Keyboard Maestro way, since I could only put one image in my post.


Thanks for this episode I enjoyed the discussions a lot.

Can’t agree more about the 11’ iPad. I tried both and found the 12.9 with the folio keyboard was exactly the same size as my MacBook.

The whole point of mobile iPad for me is the form factor, and the 11 is amazingly compact and can be used anywhere without it feeling awkward. When I tried to use the 12.9 on a train it was too big to use comfortably, while the 11 is just right for these kinds of situations. I also didn’t like reading on the 12.9 when relaxing as it is not nice to use unless there is a table to use it on. In bed it just felt silly - I found my MacBook is more comfortable to use in bed, and the 11 is even better.

Stand up for correct English @Russell e.g. dragged, brought, dived, etc. :innocent:

Here, here! Completely agree.

I just want to chime in here to say (after I criticized a couple of episodes earlier this year) that these last few episodes have really been great, in my opinion. They epitomize why I subscribe to MPU, even though they “feel” different from the old shows with Katie. Not that anyone needs my approval, but i think it’s only fair I jump in with positive comments instead of posting just when I’m cranky.


I found it really interesting to hear both @ismh and @macsparky say they use “all of the organisational features” in Photos, but neither mentioned keywords. You can add them in the Mac app, but it is extraordinarily painful. You can’t add them in the iOS app, which is also painful. You can search on them on both platforms.

As a former Lightroom keyword ninja, I find the Photos approach to be… disrespectful. Either make them usable, Apple, or just remove them entirely.

I was thinking of this very approach when listening. I don’t have any like this in TextExpander, but do use a bunch of SED commands at work.

What I do have in TextExpander is a shortcut which has me fill in a size in millimetres and output a size in inches so I can say things like 47mm = 1⅞"

I finally listened to this one, and I have a question.

@MacSparky repeatedly says he wants to be able to create a folder in Files in iOS. I can do this by following Apple’s instructions.

Am I missing something?

The problem is if you want to create a folder while saving a file. LIke in the save dialog box on macOS. That doesn’t exist on iOS. Instead, you have to save it somewhere temporarily. Then go in files and create the folder. Then move the file from the temporary location to the folder. A very solvable problem. Hopefully in a few weeks. :slight_smile:


Thanks for your support @Ticino