Mac Power Users 487: Josh Centers: Beta Spelunker

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As someone who has run betas in the past looking forward to the episode. I’ll probably run it on my iPad.

Is it just me or was the audio on this episode unusually quiet? Had to crank my volume up quite a bit.

I was just going to say the same thing, you beat me to it! I had my volume on my amp cranked way beyond normal, plus turned on Boom 3D and boosted it further. Then I played a different podcast and about busted my ears! So yes, volume was very low for me too.

Had some real struggles bringing Josh’s audio up to where I normally have things. Opted for better quality over my desired loudness.


Totally reasonable choice. :+1:t2:

And I almost called my ability to hear properly into question. :sweat_smile:

Great show, though! I really liked the interaction between Josh and David/Stephen. I think the chemistry between you all was really good this time. Plus he has an awful lot of experience and many interesting things to say. Thank you!

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Interesting discussion. I admittedly had never heard of Tidbits (have only used the Mac since 2010) but I started reading it and am really enjoying it, of course. The subscription/patronage model is refreshing.

I didn’t notice the volume difference. I was just wondering, might it have been because I use Overcast to play it? It uses voice boost to dynamically equalize voice volume. Other players like Castro use similar tech to EQ the voice levels.

Overcast Volume Boost covers a multitude of volume sins.


I noticed that I had to turn up the volume more than usual. I typically limit the volume on my AirPods to about 50% (with Voice Boost turned on in Overcast)…but needed to raise the volume to about 70% for this episode. Not a big deal as the audio quality was still good.


Odd Duck here the volume was ok. But his voice was distorted throughout the podcast. Sounded like a very directional mic not consistently spoken to.