Mac Power Users Invited by Apple to the WWDC Keynote


Last week Apple invited Stephen and me to attend the WWDC Keynote. This is something I always wanted to do but, after all these years, just assumed would never happen. We’re both really excited about it and I know that a big part of the reason we were invited is the active and large MPU audience.

Thank you all for helping me cross something off my personal bucket list.



Very nice that Apple recognizes the contribution you and Stephen bring to their ecosystem!


Congratulations. You guys deserve the acknowledgement. So happy for you both.

Outstanding and well deserved! Congratulations to you both!

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Someone tell me not to bring my Tangerine iBook G3 to the keynote…


Fantastic! Your years of hard work and dedication have paid off!

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That brings back some fond memories. I say bring it. It will make you easy to spot in the crowd.

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It is about time! :slight_smile:

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I don’t think we have anything planned this time. For me at least, it’s an already insanely busy week. David will be at the Automators meetup (and I hope to swing by), and of course there’s the live Connected show on Wed night.

Congratulations! This is so cool. It really would be nice if we could see you in that crowd. @ismh I vote orange.

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Bring it! You could take down the wifi to “B” speeds single handedly…

I have a spare Airport card if you need one.


Hmmm… maybe Apple is inviting you because of a major update to iOS Files?? They heard your comments and responded!


That is so cool! So happy for you guys. Have fun!

No one more deserving to be there! Glad someone at Apple figured that one out!

I absolutely will not, nor should anyone else.

Not only do I think you should bring it, you should make Phil jump off of something while holding it.

Congrats, guys. This is a really nice surprise, and I’m glad to see Apple recognizing such an important part of the Mac community.

Now… about getting Craig onto an episode where he talks about his workflows…


Kindly disagree. You should take it :grinning:

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I bet it gets you invited back :wink:


congrats guys! well deserved

That is awesome and as others have said, well deserved! Congratulations!

Good for you David and Stephen! I will be on the road from Portland, OR to Salt Lake City, UT (on my way to SE Arizona) during the keynote, but will listen when I settle down for the evening.