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I think Justin wants comments, he just wants the comments from this community. I get that, but as we saw, when Patrick/Justin posted something like 10 new stories here from MacRumors in one day. Almost no one commented on any of them, other than to tell him to quit it.

Never mind that Rose or Stephen would have to be the ones who set this is up, something neither of them have the time to do. This is just a place for listeners to discuss Apple stuff, I don’t think they want to turn this into a major project or brand (they have their blogs for this stuff anyway),

I follow the RSS of 9to5Mac. They post about 30 articles a day. I read about one. :slight_smile:

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Same here. I use Reeder to skim through my RSS subscriptions. I did that during my lunch break. 350 articles (all of my subscriptions combined). I read none of them (at least not reading like in reading a good book, a nice post in this community or something like that). The headlines or some lines/paragraphs were enough. And most of them basically had been just blown-up articles dealing with “news” like WWDC will be in June (fine, but honestly, that’s all that is to it at this point) or that an AR or VR device might come in 2022, 2023 or never or more early. :slight_smile: So, why do I subscribe to feeds like that when I skim through 350 articles without reading them thoroughly? Well, that is what I like to do in my RSS reader. It is the place for stuff like that for my use case.

And SOMETIMES I stumble upon something interesting. I give a new app a try. Or I have similar issues like the ones mentioned in an article. And I dig deeper. And that is when I might feel that it is “worthy” of posting in this community - in combination with my thoughts about the topic. It does not happen often (unfortunately - sometimes I am stunned about all the interesting stuff other users post in this community). And that is what I like about MPU: it is not this garbage dump of information, it feels more like a treasure trove of information. It is useful. It is thought-out. It provides me with something useful or really fun.

The daily news onslaught feels like the exact opposite of that to me. :slight_smile:

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I don’t know if it “attracts those kinds of people”. I think the more likely issue is that journalism substantially focuses on the negative with sensationalized headlines and slanted reporting–left and right for the purpose of attracting eyeball and ad revenue. This “invites” the negativity.

This is one reason I never watch cable news nor listen to talk radio. Instead, I read my news from multiple sources reflecting different perspectives and slants on the news from hard left, to moderate, to hard right. I believe that gives me a broader and more balanced perspective and hopefully, helps me avoid being trapped in a silo or echo chamber. :slight_smile:


Yes, I do the same thing.

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The occasional post about a sale or a security problem, etc. is useful, but the last thing I am looking for here is more tech news.

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Maybe my judgments about this community were wrong… :thinking:

RSS readers miss many of the features that the websites provide.

RSS readers miss many of the features that the websites provide.

Which ones? I am honestly not missing anything; in many cases, the experience is even superior (no noise, no ads, no stupid comments, only what matters: the content).

Social share features, the actual design of the website (RSS readers often have their own bland take), related articles, etc.

Okay. Then I’m definitely not missing anything. This is all bloat to me. Especially the social shares which I hate with a passion.

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One could argue that most news, in general, is just bloat.

You should try Reddit! Also the social sharing and comments you can dream of. :stuck_out_tongue:

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What sites do folks like for their Apple news? We’ve discussed 9to5Mac – is there another site that people love?

Is there a SINGLE site that a person should subscribe to, to get all their Apple news?

I am a former journalist who formerly, briefly, covered Apple. The problem is that Apple doesn’t generate much news. It’s a no-drama company with only a few products. So you end up having to write a lot about rumors, watchbands, and wishlists, just to fill space.


I like Ars Technica, they aren’t an “Apple” site, but a tech site. They only cover news, not all the rumors, concepts, and trivial stuff you see on the dedicated Apple sites. If you do RSS, they have have an Apple specific RSS, so you get about 2-3 articles per week. Also, if you like comment sections, theirs are usually a step above all the other sites.

The Verge is also good for real Apple news.

Honestly, between Twitter, RSS, and podcasts, it all gets covered ad nauseam.


Ars Technica looks like a good site overall. Subscribed! Thank you!

I’ve been an RSS fiend for almost 20 years, but lately I find if a site has a daily newspaper, I prefer that. It’s compact, and often edited to highlight the most important bits. I read the newsletter in my RSS reader.

Ars only seems to have a weekly newsletter, so I subscribed to the feed.

If it’s important it will surface here one way or another. :stuck_out_tongue:

if it generates a lot of noise you will hear it somewhere, but I find this kind of things little interesting.

I might be somewhat unusual tho, my apple news sites are macsparky, 512 pixel and daring fireball… and I’m three weeks late on my RSS feed

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I thought that was a politics site? :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s a politics, baseball, and Stanley Kubrick site that occasionally covers Apple news. :slight_smile:


Reddit isn’t the same. :wink:

Why not also create articles for Mac tips and Mac apps? That kind of stuff…

Good point! MacSparky might know a thing or two about this.

Not always… :upside_down_face:

There are so many websites doing this already.
Getting into that space requires a unique vision with a new slant. This is not the 2000’s anymore. You need to have a value proposal which goes way beyond « let’s do what every other platform already does but with the folks at the MPU community ». For the moment, no value proposal has not been clearly stated, and the editor within me is getting impatient: define the project :slightly_smiling_face:

Why not mix Mac tips and Mac apps in with regular news?

The value comes from this special community. That helps to differentiate from the things that every other platform already does.