Mac Pro - no Apple Silicon?

So I was surprised that there wasn’t any discussion of the Mac Pro at WWDC. It is the one remaining computer that Apple sells with an Intel chip and they hinted at addressing it in their March event. But fast forward to June and they introduce the M2 chip for the MacBook Air, but nothing at all for the Mac Pro? Are they going to kill it off?

My theory is that they’re working on something, but it’s not ready yet so they’ll either hold a special event just for that sometime in August etc, or they’ll hold it till 2023. There is strong precedent for Apple not disclosing the future of their top end Pro Mac devices.

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They will not going to kill the MacPro, as there is a loyal group of users, who need that machine.
But I expect it not to be renewed with still an “Intel-Inside”, as there is currently only very few setups with Intel, that could get even close to the Apple-ARM.
I expect also that they release the next MacPro, if they had developed a “M2/3 Ultra” like chipset, that stands out a remarkable amount above the current “consumer” M1 Ultra and M2 Chips, to show a real difference between the “consumer” products, and the Pro-Line.

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I agree

Moreover Mac Pro users (of which I am one) likely upgrade more infrequently than MacBook or iMac users. The 2019 Mac Pro is extraordinarily expandable (1.5Tb max RAM, multiple Thunderbolt ports which can run anything from internal RAID to GPUs).

Thus it is probably an incredibly rare Mac Pro user who is now hungry for more power. For those who have invested considerably in extra RAM and add-on cards which will likely not work in a new Mac Pro, the increment in performance would need to be beyond extraordinary to justify the expense. For most users it is probably just as effective and much cheaper to simply add capability to their existing Mac Pro.

Or to put it another way- lots of MacBook and iMac owners have maxxed out their current computer’s capabilities; only a tiny percentage of 2019 Mac Pro users are likely to have done so, and only a tiny percentage of Mac Pro users have computing needs that their setup cannot currently handle.

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They promised news of a new Mac Pro at the end of the spring event. Maybe we’ll hear more later this fall!