Mac, ScanSnap, and VirtualHere

I have a ScanSnap 3100 connected to a Mac Mini which has Just Worked (™) for years. However, I find that the need for a USB connection to the Mini restricts where the ScanSnap can go, so I’ve been experimenting with VirtualHere. (If you’ve not come across this before, VirtualHere is means of sharing USB devices across a LAN. It consists of a server app, which you run on a computer to which a USB device is physically connected, and a client all which you run on a machine that wants to use that USB device. The machine running the client app sees the device as if it is connected to a local USB port!)

So, having set up a server with an old Epson Perfection scanner attached, I proved the concept by scanning documents using the scanner and my Laptop.

Next I tried doing the same with the ScanSnap - connected that up to the server in place of the Epson, and installed the VirtualHere client on the Mini. However, that was less successful, as opening the ScanSnap lid (turns it on) led to a flashing blue light. (Normally, the light is a steady blue; if it flashes then one can’t make the scanner work. There was clearly some connection to the scanner, as otherwise the blue light does not work at all, but flashing seems to indicate some form of error situation.

Has anyone any insights on this? I’m no ScanSnap expert - I set it up some years ago, when the device was new, but have never had cause to touch it since!