Mac Studio and its Energy saving features?

Hi gang, I have been using my new Mac Studio and Display for almost a month now and I’m like 90% happy. My biggest problem is that when it goes to sleep, it pretty much logs off and all the software that I have to use for work becomes very unhappy and at best I have to re-log in.

I have been all over Sys Pref for Energy saving and clicked a few things and it STILL is doing it.

Any help?

I assume you have tried the setting Prevent your Mac from automatically sleeping when the display is off? Have you tried any third-party tools to keep a Mac awake like Amphetamine or Caffeine? How about the terminal command
sudo pmset -a disablesleep 1

Yes, I checked the box telling it to prevent your Mac from auto sleeping when display is off, I unchecked the Put Hard disk to sleep when possible, and I left the check on wake for network access.

I do have Amphetamine, but I would really hate to have to do this or the sudo command that you suggest. My previous iMac (2015) did not have this trouble when its went to sleep. It seems like an over aggressive sleep mode.

I thought that might be the case. But Apple does aggressively try to save energy. Without knowing what programs are giving you trouble (“all the software that I have to use for work”) I can only surmise that these programs may be out of step with, or haven’t caught up with, or will never catch up with Apple’s modern approach.

Yes, you are correct. It is basically Office 365 (Teams etc) and the aggressive lockdown our IT has with SSO. Thanks for your help