Mac Studio gets warm when asleep

I can confirm that when my Mac Studio Max sleeps for multiple hours, i.e. overnight, it is cool to the touch in the morning.

Here is my iStats CPU average for the past seven days.

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Thank you! That is very helpful.

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This is getting weird.

Saturday: install macOS 12.4 beta to see if it fixes anything. It doesn’t and I am now stuck on 12.4.

Sunday: Erase everything and reinstall 12.4 fresh. Install nothing else, don’t even log into iCloud. Cool to the touch every time I touch the computer.

Monday: Barely use the computer, it is always cool to the touch. Monday evening, sign into iCloud. Computer is still cool to the touch at all times.

Tuesday morning: It’s still cool to the touch. Install iStat Menu. This is the only software installed on it outside of stock apps. 8 hours later of it sleeping, the computer is warm to the touch. Wake it and it’s 112º and it quickly cools to 96º F now that fans are on. (Pre reformat it would get to 120º F and stay there.)

So iStat Menu must be the issue, but I have it on a MBP and have no issues (but MBP don’t have as many temp sensors, only SSD). I know others here have it installed on their Studio and don’t have problems. This doesn’t make any sense to me.

Anyone have any ideas? I did not change any iStat Menu settings. I did not change any macOS settings (outside of making the trackpad scroll in a sensible way).

As my wife says, “just to double triple check” …

In iStat under Sensors there is a button labeled “Edit Fan Rules”, and there’s nothing in there?

There is nothing there. I made sure to double check that it was not when I installed it.

I uninstalled iStat Menu. Will let it sit overnight and see if it is warm in the morning.

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Report this to the iStat guys seems reasonable.

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Yes, I probably will. I might not though, because they will want to troubleshoot it. I just want to be able to use my $4000 computer again.

Plus, I still find it impossible to believe it is causing the problem. On the other hand, I uninstalled it, and this morning it was cool to the touch.

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iStat Menus is a complicated piece of low-level control software running on a brand new system. I have no such difficulty believing there might be an unexpected interaction. Let Bjango support know and stop running it for the time being. Good job troubleshooting!

Disclosure: I’m running iStat Menus on M1 MacBook Air with no apparent issues.


My UPS has a power consumption display. There’s virtually no change between the system on and driving all 3 of my displays, or in sleep mode. Power is 118W to 120W regardless of being awake or asleep. Therefore, this isn’t the power supply. This has to be a bug since there really should be no way for the system to be on, but the fans off.

I see a lot of similar reports from people with MacBooks who are running Monterey, so I’m starting to think that this is a bug in the OS.

So far it hasn’t damaged anything and I don’t think that it gets hot enough to cause damage, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a problem. I’ve started shutting mine down overnight if I know I won’t be using it until late in the next day. Otherwise, I just let it run.

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Erased and started again. Mainly haven’t used the computer. I installed a couple of things like Drafts and 1P, got all the iCloud stuff going. After about 20 hours of just sitting it started to get faintly warm to the touch (originally about 8 hours of sleep time it would get noticeably warm). So I don’t think it was iStat Menu, I think it’s just background tasks doing it. Since it seems to only turn on the fans when I am actively using the computer, it gets warm doing tasks when it is “inactive”. My theory is iStat Menu must have been busy in the background so it generated heat quickly.

At this point I am not going to worry about. Apple will say its my software causing it, which is true. It still bugs me because obviously most people aren’t having this problem. Would probably return it if I could, but if it does break, at least I have AppleCare.

It’s not iStat Menus. I’ve got that problem and do not have iStat Menus installed.

Well, I hope you guys figure it out. Seems a shame for such a nice, new, and otherwise highly capable machine.

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I’ve got the same problem, but don’t have iStat Menu installed, so it can’t be that. When I first got the Studio, it happened occasionally. Normally drawing ~20W when sleeping and ~120W when in use. Now, it’s always ~120W and it gets hot when sleeping.

Mine is plugged into a APC UPS but it doesn’t show power consumption unfortunately. When I had iStat Menu plugged it wasn’t showing anything strange. Mine also isn’t getting hot, just warm. Sounds like you have something more serious than mine does.

You could try something like TGP Pro to see how warm it is getting. It has a free trial.

TG Pro - Temperature monitoring & fan control

Have you tried wiping it? Mine didn’t get warm at all with just the stock apps and nothing running. It’s not until I start installing things.

If you see no difference in power consumption, whether the system is on with 3 displays running, or in sleep, then you have either a faulty meter, or something is terrible wrong with your system!
Alone one of those displays should have a power consumption of <2W while on stand-by, and between 20-100W (or even higher) while running. So there should be a way higher difference be visible only for the 3 displays.

It is not necessary, that the fan is running all the time, while the system is running. Within a modern system, you can expect the fan to be off, while certain parameters prevail. I´don´t know the fine-tuning of that parameters on your system, but I would rather find it odd, if the fan suddenly starts running, while my Mac is sleeping.
Maybe there is some setting, that prevents the fan from running while the system is “sleeping” and doing only task in the background.

Could it be possible, that iCloud is still working heavenly in the background?
How much data has to be downloaded, and is this all set already?
It take me almost 1,5 weeks, after my last new installation, until all iCloud data were on my Mac again.

Or rather not so heavenly. :wink:


I don’t think so, thanks. The computer had been used for 1.5 months before I wiped it. I did install almost everything I use back on to it yesterday. It was very warm this morning after 9 hours of sleep. The warmest I have seen it get.

I give up at this point. Seems odd that it would get warm when it’s sleeping, but iStat Menu shows it does stuff while sleeping and the fans never come on. If this breaks in 3 years, Apple will replace it. By then, maybe I will replace it with something new and shiny. :slight_smile:

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And others have reported constant fans running in their Mac Studio under no-load conditions. Strangely, nothing like this occurs in the more constrained form factor of the 14- and 16-inch M1 MacBooks? Something is wrong with the sensors on a few of these Studio units!

My M1 MBP only has one temperature sensor according to iStat Menu, and that’s on the SSD. So the only way to know if it getting warm somewhere is by touch. The heat might be being generated, but does it escapes from the keyboard or speaker grill? The thing with the Studio is that if heat is going up, there aren’t any holes in the top to escape, so that is probably why it gets warm to the touch.

I wonder if the fans are supposed to run 24 hours a day? Mine only run when it is actively awake. Once I wake it, it cools the inside down to operating temperature in a matter of a couple of minutes.