Mac Studio gets warm when asleep

I’ve had the system generate detailed reports that have been forwarded to Apple, but they never came up with a solution. However, it’s possible that there was a bug fix in the latest version of Monterey that addressed it. I simply don’t know. That said, I did address this with Apple Corporate relations and it was escallated. I heard from them yesterday asking if I’ve heard from engineering, but I haven’t, and I’m now waiting for them to get back to me. In the past 24 hours, I’ve put it to sleep numerous times and each time it actually went into sleep mode with very low power consumption. Something went on over night to increase the power draw from 18 to 35 watts, but that wasn’t enough for the system to get hot. I’m going to continue monitoring it and now that I have a contact at corporate, will pester them if the problem gets worse again.


Mine is still doing it, so it wasn’t fixed.

My office has been baking the last few days and it the thing got very warm to the touch. I turned it off.

Also as far as I can tell, my power has always been dropping when it goes into sleep mode. According to the logs it’s doing its usual power nap stuff though, so it’s not really sleeping Those things are generating heat, and the fans don’t come because it is “sleeping”.

I installed Sleep Aid @karlnyhus, will post tomorrow what it says.

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Yep, it’s doing things in sleep. No idea what that sound thing is.

I really don’t know what this tells me though since we know M1 Macs use their efficiency cores when it’s sleeping to do things. We need to see what a Studio that doesn’t get hot does when it sleeps.

Edit to add: I am not a big Messages user, I don’t understand how it could still be indexing Messages. The FileProvider one, I do not have file sharing on. Photos makes sense. The sound one is weird, nothing was open that plays sound.

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Something is causing all of this activity during the night when you would expect your Studio to be sleeping. I don’t get anything like that on my MacBook Air running the Sleep Aid app.

You’ve said multiple times that the problem doesn’t begin until you install your software, so you can either try to track it down from that angle or go back to Apple Support with more information.

And a separate obvious question for them still remains – why don’t the fans run when they are needed?

It starts doing it as soon as I log into iCloud and use only Apple apps. It doesn’t do it when the computer boots up for the first time and I literally do nothing. Not logged in iCloud, no apps open, etc, it doesn’t get warm. All I did on my last reformat is log in iCloud and it got warm. This isn’t a problem that wiping the machine and reinstalling the OS fixes. That tells me it is hardware or something in macOS with the drivers/firmware for this particular Mac Studio.

I have gone to the Genius Bar, they said there is nothing wrong with my computer and to send feedback to Apple using the feedback app. Which I did and I hope others who have this problem do the same.

Do you have a Photo Library on iCloud? Maybe the computer is only turning off the display and is analysing your photo library for faces and stuff like that. That would not explain why the fans are turned off so there is still some mistery.

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I do have a large photo library in iCloud. The computer is doing things in sleep, but I was under the impression that is what it is supposed to do. My MBP when brand new was doing all its indexing in sleep and it never got warm that I noticed.

I think it’s the power supply. We know they used two different models, and maybe one of them is generating more heat? Since the fans won’t come on, it’s causing my model to heat up. Also the heat is rising, and in the Studio it doesn’t have a way to escape, so it builds up.

I also encountered the same problem, I hope we can solve it together


For all I know, if you have Wake on Lan & Power Nap disabled that should not happen while the computer is supposed to be sleeping. How do you put the computer to sleep? I’m also going to throw a ball here: have you discarded iStat Menus to be the cause?

Wake up on LAN is disabled. Power Nap is not disabled and while I am not overly concerned about it, I would like to leave it on. We do know that turning off Power Nap does solve this though. At least that has worked for others.

I put it to sleep by just letting it sit, but I sometimes use Alfred’s commands. Screens go off first, then eventually the fans turn off. My fans only run when I am using the computer. That’s basically the problem, the computer is generating heat but the fans don’t come on. As soon as I wake it, the fans come on and it quickly cools.

I am not running iStats Menu anymore. I know 3rd party software is not causing it because it does this when no 3rd party software is installed. The only time it didn’t have this problem is right after a reformat and I did literally nothing on the computer. Didn’t open anything, didn’t sign into iCloud, etc. Then it stayed cool to the touch. As soon as I logged into iCloud, set up mail, etc, it got warm in sleep.

Welcome @HQ_Y. Have you contacted Apple or had any luck in troubleshooting it?

From what you said, my understanding of the issue is that while running on the PowerNap feature, the computer knows it has things to do (possibly analyzing your whole Photo Library) but the fans do not spin up so it overheats.

More than a faulty device issue it seems to be related to some kind of power management misconfiguration and it is not new to the Mac Studio, some users have seen similar issues So zapping PRAM and SMC (if those things still exist on Apple Silicon computers) could be of use, in case you haven’t tried.

Is photoanalysisd running while connected to iCloud and under regular usage (non sleeping)? Maybe this is just a temporal issue until your Mac has downloaded and analyzed everything on the Photo Library (mine took almost a week!) and then it can go to sleep without being undisturbed. Suboptimal, I know.

Thank you for your suggestions, but PRAM and SMC are not a thing on M1 Macs.

As you can see from the Sleep Aid app, other things are running as well, including Spotlight (it has had tons of time to complete everything). I think this is normal though. Macs, especially M1s, do things with Power Nap and that doesn’t seem to be an issue for M1 Macs except for some of us with Studios. My M1 MBP has even more stuff running than my Studio, has the same Photo’s library, etc and it doesn’t get warm.

I am out of ideas to try, short of turning off Power Nap. I have reformatted my computer twice and not used it for over a week trying to troubleshoot this. Neither Apple phone or in store support, know whether the fans should come on while it’s asleep. They do not know what normal behavior is, they don’t even know if it getting warm is not intended behavior. They say my computer is fine, and just to make sure I let Apple know that it is getting warm through the feedback app.

This is just weird. Left my M1 MBP open all day today, but let it do whatever it does with Sleep Aid installed. It kept waking up for wifi (I think for Findmy), but none of the Photos or Spotlight stuff that my Mac Studio does.

The Studio still says it is Spotlighting Messages, but I deleted all my message threads today. It’s empty, there is nothing to index in the app. It’s still doing Photos stuff, but it has had more than enough time to index that. It’s also doing a file share thing, which is apparently a system process apps use to share files.

I already know reformatting doesn’t fix this though, so what else is there to do? What is causing multiple system processes to run constantly in sleep and for the computer to completely ignore the heat building? Try the beta for macOS when it comes out for public beta, I guess?

This sort of thing has happened before with a few Apple devices. Some users begin reporting issues and Apple either remains silent or assures users that the situation is normal, that nothing is wrong. Right up to the point where they finally admit something is wrong and announce a fix program or even a warranty extension for the affected units.

Of course, this is very frustrating for those of you experiencing the problem.


Anyone using the Sleep Aid app to help diagnose problems with their Mac may be interested in this page of pre-release software containing the latest fixes. This is a brand new app with a very responsive developer!

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Hi Y’all,
My name is Sam Rowlands and I’m the developer of Sleep Aid. @karlnyhus let me know you folk were having this discussion. Imma try to answer questions as best as I can.

As far as I can tell, it never turns on the fans during sleep. It’s hot here in the south of Taiwan (33c), and I can see that my work Mac (intel) will end insomnia with a message “Dark Wake Thermal Emergency”. Sometimes to wake again in a few minutes, and end up reporting the same thing.

Do you use a Studio Display by any chance? I’ve filed a question with Apple DTS if the audio issue is a result of having a Studio Display plugged in, as I have several customers with non-sleeping Macs who also have many many audio processes when connected to a Studio Display.

I would actually advise against disabling PowerNap, unless you disconnect it from the Network first. In my test with M1 laptops, disabling PowerNap made the Mac wake every few seconds. However with Sleep Aid running, you can give it a try as you’ll be able to visually see when the Mac sleeps, wakes and how often.

I would urge everyone using Sleep Aid to give this version a try. I’ve made some changes in how it calculates activity time, as I now believe I’d made some bad assumptions.

If anyone has questions, please feel free to ask, and I’ll do my best to answer them.

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Welcome to the forum and thanks for stopping by.

I do have one hooked up and an LG Ultrafine.

Currently I am not doing that, but someone else up thread said they did and their Studio did not get warm in sleep. Currently I have it set to not sleep and I am turning it off at night. With summer here it’s get far warmer then it was a couple of months ago.

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No, I haven’t contacted Apple’s staff yet

The Genius told me to file feedback. The more people who report it, the more likely we are to get action.

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