Mac without iCloud

I have a company MacBook Pro, however my organisation (rightly) blocks access to all personal cloud storage (iCloud, Dropbox, etc.).

I can use my company’s OneDrive storage.

My current workflow is using Drafts and Bear, however these are both now dead in the water on my work computer since they sync over iCloud.

My options seem to be:

  1. Continue to use Drafts, Bear, and any other app I choose to use using my personal devices. Drafts is kind of ok for this, but I really need to be able to access my notes from my work computer.
  2. Continue to use Drafts, but replace Bear with a OneDrive app (OneNote) or an app with its own sync e.g. Evernote).
  3. Bite the bullet and go all in with OneNote and take notes there

Does anyone else have this limitation of not having iCloud at work on a Mac? How do you work around it?

Can you log into your personal iCloud account in Safari on your company MBP? If so, then you could use the iCloud web version of Notes on that device? On your phone use Drafts to send to Notes and then access on in iCloud Notes web version on that locked-down computer.

In a similar situation, I used Dynalist on my personal devices and on my work laptop. Dynalist is a web-based app, and there are of course many other web-based apps you could consider.