MacBook Air and Sidecar

Starting next week Costco is having a sale on this MacBook Air for $950: 10th Gen Quad-core i5 Processor 1.1GHz; 8 GB RAM; 256 SSD. $150 less than Apple. I was looking for a low cost MacBook as a bridge until an ARM MacBook is available. This should meet my needs, which are very minimal (web surfing, email, office/iwork apps, occasional editing with Photos, occasional Zoom, etc).

I have a 12.9" iPad Pro (2018) model and want to use Sidecar. Does only having 8 GB RAM negatively affect the use of Sidecar?

Should be totally fine.

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I have a 2019 MacBook Air of almost the exact same specs, including RAM, and haven’t run into issues because of that. Sidecar works for me just as the same that I have seen for other Macs.

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