MacBook Air Battery problem

Hi, gang.

As an absolutely new user on this forum I’m a bit in doubt if this should go into the Hardware section, or if it belongs here in the Tech Support section, so if I’m posting to the wrong section I hope that one of the Moderators will move this topic to the proper section.

But here goes:
I’m the owner of a late 2013 MacBook Air 128 Gb SSD 4Gb memory model which I’ve had since brand new.
The issue I’m experiencing is, that lately the battery time that before were between 8 -12 hours a day, now is down to 1-2 hours before I need to plug in the charger again.

Is there some way I can check the battery status, or do I have to swing by Humac (the certified Apple partner in DK)?

Any feedback are highly appreciated.

I always use coconut battery to check out the details of my battery, might help for a quick check before a trip to the apple store


Try option-clicking on the battery indicator in the menu bar - this might give you a first indication whether the system detects anything wrong with your battery.
Also you may want to check “About this Mac” (in the “Apple” menu in the top right) -> click on “System Report” -> select “Power” from the list on the left. Again, check the “Health Information” and the “Cycle Count”.
Hope this helps.

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A huge thank you to you both :slight_smile:

I tried both of your suggestions, and it seems, the battery needs to be replaced :roll_eyes:

Not the worst thing that can happen. How long is the consumer law coverage in Denmark? It might be covered if you are a bit hard on your demands.

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In Denmark, consumers are given a 1-year warranty, which is pretty much only for faults caused by erroneous handling of the product during manufacturing, and transport from manufacturing facility to the store (don’t know why we still have this(as the only country within EU) since it’s nearly never in use).

Alongside this 1 year warranty, consumers are given 2 years of warranty specifically for faults that have arisen during the design of the product and / or manufacturing of the product.

So I guess I’m out of luck, unfortunately, but then again, I think a new battery is just around 2500 DKR which is around 390 US Dollars, so I guess I’ll just cough up the dough, and then be on my merry way, again :grinning:

Really? In Norway we have 5 year consumer law coverage for such a product. However 2500 DKK is not bad :slight_smile:

Whoa, a 5 year warranty!?!:flushed:
That would never sit with the trade lobby in Denmark.

The 2 year warranty is for any and all types of non-private purchases - even for cars which aren’t found more expensive anywhere in the world, by the way (we pay 180% extra for the manufacturer’s price of the car due to an outdated tax system).

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Just did some research on iFixIt and found out, that it’s a lot cheaper to replace the battery myself.

So, having done smartphone and laptop repairs for almost all of my work life, that’ll be the approach, instead :slight_smile: