MacBook Air Orders

What did everyone order and how long did it take for your delivery date to slip?

I ordered a maxed out Midnight. It should be here Aug 2nd-9th, and I was on right away to order. It seems like anything that isn’t a base model has slipped.

I ordered the 10/16/1 at 8am and at checkout it had slipped to aug 1… shennanigans… I wonder if anyone that did a BTO will get a jul 15 delivery. I am a little peeved.

Apple should be clear in advance that only the base model will actually ship for Jul 15 if thats the case…

I’m wondering the same thing. It will be interesting to see.

the macrumors thread is showing BTO at jul 25 as the earliest…

I am going to keep my aug 1 delivery as I will probably dump the macbook pro line after my 2019 16". I think the Macbook Air and a high end PC gaming notebook is the way to go.

16GB/1TB Midnight “Arrives July 26-Aug 2”
16GB/512GB Sliver “Arrives July 20-22”

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congrats. I guess its just random.

I am pleased this is my last “opening day” order… never did it before, didn’t really enjoy it. On the bright side, if the complaints of throttling or ssd weirdness start appearing in the 2 week interim I can cancel…

I saw that throttling “benchmark” video. It was laughable, IMO.

If you plan to max out the CPUs and GPUs for a sustained amount of time on a regular basis, you will see throttling and this probably isn’t the computer for your workload. :wink:

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there haven’t been any M2 Air throttling videos.

I hope the rest of your day goes better.

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hahah its fine. I am excited to see the Air in action :smiley:

I got a 24GB/512GB Silver delivering July 26 - Aug 2nd. Now I have to try and avoid the compulsive re-checking of the order status.


I haven’t ordered any BTO Macs since I retired in ‘18 but they always took something like 7-10 days longer than base models. Did that improve in the last few years?

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dunno… first preorder for me since the Commodore 64…


I ordered the base processor with 16 GB RAM and 512 GB HD in silver. Anticipated deliver is July 20-22! Placed the order within about 10 min of it opening.


My wife and I ordered the Midnight, 24gb RAM and 1TB SSD and both got Aug 2-9 delivery windows. Which I was actually happy with. Sparky had mentioned he thought midnight would be the hot color and that delivery would be a ways off right from the start, so a month doesn’t seem too bad given the supply chain challenges I am sure Apple is facing.


Mine said - Aug 2nd-9th (Midnight, 24gb RAM and 1TB SSD)

I fooled with orders right at 5am and if you ordered a stock model (make no changes) it said…

Jul 18 - Jul 25

But if you made any changes it instantly jumped to

Aug 2nd-9th

so I think that nothing actually ‘slipped’ yet - (unless to delivery date moves back)

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Do you have a link for this?

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Thanks and I found this…

The main point of the argument is:
“Hey - We bought Apple’s cheapest* laptop(s), used them like no owner will ever used them, and the computer got hot enough to throttle the processors. No one should buy this.”

The video you found is even worse, IMO. First problem - the laptop I bought with full awareness of the design and Touch Bar still has this old design and Touch Bar. I don’t understand how people watch YouTube reviews for anything but humor.

Super helpful.