MacBook Air power adaptor options USB-C maybe?

Hi. I have two MacBook Air machines both humming along but one was on the road every week for a few years so my adaptor has worn in a few places and I want to replace it.

Wondering if I have an option to buy a brick that is USB-C and then by a cord that is USB-C to Mag Safe 2 so that in the future when I do replace these machines, I have another travel option.

Another sneaky benefit would be I could get the USB-C to to lightning cable and fast charge our two iPhone Xs Max devices.

Trying to future proof here.

Thanks in advance

The only licenced MagSafe options available are from Apple and they don’t offer that. You might find MagSafe elsewhere but as it’s not licenced you can’t know it’s using electricity properly and won’t do something like fry your device.

Thanks Rose. $79 USD feels throw away. Will just keep swapping power codes with my wife for now

I’ve used Sugru as both a repair and prophylactic on my cables. Works really well.

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Interesting option. Thanks.