MacBook destroyed by reclining airline seat

I’m sympathetic, but I’d never tilt the screen so it could be caught by the seat like that. Just like I always put my drink behind the lid.

Seat pitch is so narrow now I never take out a laptop anymore. Just not enough room to manuever.

That sucks, but it is something I’m aware of if my laptop or iPad is out.

That stinks.

I don’t recline my seat these days, and when I work on a 15", I don’t use the tray, such that when the person in front reclines the hinge of the MBPr kinda slides on on my thighs/lap.

Imperfect, yeah; but bigger picture: I try to keep in mind the wonder of flight and keep out of mind my carbon footprint.

Never recline your seat unless you have some sort of actual medical condition that requires it, and I don’t mean “it’s slightly less uncomfortable”.

Also, never travel by airplane. It’s awful. At least in the US while we’re still subject to the Theatrical Security Agents and cancer-spraying machines.

I for one would happily travel by train if the prices were more competitive, the schedules were conducive, and stations were more available. Other than that, trains are great. :wink:

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