Macbook - migrating from one user account to another

Hello! I’ve run into a problem with Big Sur and (I think) the university’s Active Directory software. There have been hours…days…when I haven’t been able to log into my user account because of some kind of Big Sur / Active Directory bug. I’m in it right now, but I never know when I’m going to have to try to log in again and it won’t work.

I had a local user account set up on the same computer to use until there’s a fix. What would be the best way to get all of my stuff from one account to the other keeping in mind that once there is a fix, I’ll probably have to move everything back over to the networked account.


If you are the only user for the computer, you can put files in /Users/Shared/ and have them accessible by both accounts.

That might be something to try.


TJ! This seems like a great solution.

There is also a Unix command to change the ownership of files/folders. If you run into problems with /Users/Shared/ let me know, and I can probably help you move stuff from one account to another and then back. It’s not that difficult if you aren’t terrified of the Terminal.

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Thanks. Let me see what I can do when I’m back at my machine tonight