MacBook Pro 13 inch 2017 weird display glitches and sluggishness

okay I will do that.

Is it possible that:

  1. It is just one of Catalina’s many bugs OR
  2. My hardware is just getting old even though diagnostics say everything is fine?

I mean the computer isn’t THAT old… Though I have already been punished enough with this MacBook with one of the all time gaffes a company has ever made (butterfly keyboard)… I have sent this thing back 4 times with a bad keyboard lol .

  1. Anything’s possible but I don’t recall anyone else complaining of a Catalina bug resembling this one.

  2. Anything’s possible but since your machine operates correctly in Safe Mode I’m inclined to believe your machine is ok.

@MacExpert can you think of anything we may have missed here?

Some people have reported having other issues with shutdowns in Catalina.


Yep… that looks like it… sweet software, Apple lol

As usual @bowline is ahead of me. However in reading that rather long thread I found this:

My solution that I found so far- albeit only a few hours ago- power down. Power on and boot into Recovery Mode: Command + R. You may need to enter Firmware password if enabled.

Launch Disk Utility. Run First Aid on all your partitions. For me: MacOS, MacOS data, and boot up (don’t recall the exact wording). MacOS and boot up partitions were ok. The data one found several mis-matched data to my 16 Time Machine snapshots.

After fixing them, exit and reboot.


Wow a shoutout for my taughts :slight_smile:

I would create a bootable install on a usb flash drive and booth the MB pro from it.
See how it behaves while using the various tools and using Safari.

If all is well repartition the SSD and install the
OS from the USB flash drive.

If problem persists it need to go back to Apple.

All this assuming the machine is “naked” no external display, keyboard etc

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Yep it is naked. I’ll try your suggestion as soon as I can. Thanks for the help!!

I will try this. Thank you for your help!

Just in case you don’t know how to make a bootable usb drive.

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BTW if/when you get to testing your login items, the support article says to remove (not just disable) them. Once they are all removed I think it couldn’t hurt to reset your NVRAM and SMC again.

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So I just did another system restore and decided to go back to Sierra just for shits and giggles.

It was unbelievable how all of my issues were not only gone, but everything was smoother and faster. Opening system preferences, resart/shutdown, window management, menu items, etc. Everything was faster. No weird glitches, no sluggishness. It was everything that I expect a MacBook to be.

I kind of remember most of my problems starting with Mojave and then just got worse with Catalina. What the hell is going on with these operating systems?

I mean I’m pretty sure I can’t stay on Sierra for security reasons (also, some features from Mojave and Catalina that have become second nature to me). I’m doing the update to Catalina right now, but I am sure all those bad things are just going to come back.

Also, in Sierra, it didn’t take 10 seconds to shut down my computer. It was instant. Thought I’d mention that because that was the original issue and reason I posted.