MacBook Pro 16inch - magsafe is for charging only.. no data

Did everyone know this but me? I kinda expected it to do both. Charge and also data transfer. My use case would be thunderbolt connection to my ultrafine and magsafe to MacBook.

Sadly if I want to use magsafe, it will be two cables.1 to connect the monitor and the other to charge via magsafe

Therefore, I put the magsafe aside and using the thunderbolt usb c cable for charging and connecting to ultra fine monitor

Yes, MagSafe is for charging only. There was a bit of backlash to this decision as people have already preferred the USB-C/Thunderbolt route. They see it as they lost one port to MagSafe.

MagSafe is useful for people who are mobile most for the time. People who charge at the airport, cafes, hotels—where the rate of accidentally yanking your charger is higher.

As for me, I like having one cable for data and transfer and my MBP is always secured by the desk and ensured the surrounding area has fence to safeguard against our 4 naughty 8-month old puppies. But MagSafe is a welcome addition when the time comes that I upgrade and be able to use my MBP everywhere.

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That would be my line of thinking. At my desk, the risk of stumbling over cables is 0. Where have I seen people stumble or even laptops crash to the floor: conferences, lectures, seminar rooms (with the central power outlet in the floor in the middle of the desks) …

Isn’t Magsafe the only way to fast charge the new Macbooks, so there is a purpose, but if you’re at your desk all day, it’s no matter.

The new MacBook Pros can charge via USB-C in addition to MagSafe.

Yes, but not fast charge in some cases.

I always understood MagSafe to be charging only.

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The 14” can fast charge via USB-C, but not the 16”.

Really? Apple lists its 16” mbpro as being able to use usb-c ports for charging.

The 16” can charge via USB-C, but it can only fast charge via MagSafe. The USB-C ports max out at 100 watts.

They can, but not Fast Charging.