MacBook Pro is not for gaming, but would I7 or I9 in the 15" would make any difference?

I am in the market for a new MacBook Pro (2018) 15".
Obviously it is a computer for working and no gaming. However I do enjoy casually playing some games.

Would choosing the I7 over the I9 make any difference in the experience when gaming? (if not, I can save this money for more space in the SD hard drive)

Also I am not technical savvy to know if the external GPU Blackmagic will substitute the GPU that comes with the Macbook 15" or if connected, I will be combining the power of both GPUs at the same time for a better experience (that could be awesome!).

Thank you for sharing your knowledge!

First of all, the CPU option would not lead to a markedly better experience. If the i9 has a better GPU, that might obviously help.
No games I am aware of can use more than one GPU without using something like Nvidia SLI, which is not available in external GPUs, and certainly wouldn’t work with your internal AMD/Intel GPU. You’d be limited to using the external GPU, but that’s not bad.

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Like many questions in life, it depends, there are some games that are CPU bottlenecked while most others are GPU, depends on what you like to play.

Vary rarely do I play games directly on my Mac these days, the majority of the time I will just stream the game to my Mac using ether Steam or PS4 Remote play. Side note, you can use steam to stream origin games but in my experience it was a touch unstable.

But that is my vague recommendation, have the laptop you need for work and stick a windows box or whatever in the corner somewhere and just use it to stream from.

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Thank you very much, I really had doubts about it and this helps me understand.

Thank you very much, very interesting idea! I have no doubt for gaming there is not better than windows!