MacBook Pro just decided not to power on!


4 days ago I got up as normal, routinely picked up my MacBook Pro to it responding to nothing!! We’re still on Lockdown (until today) so spoke with support. They sent me a box to ship it for repair. However, as UPS was their chosen courier and it was being shipped to the Czech Republic with the fact Apple takes no responsibly of the transit of the 2019 MacBook I decided to wait on the Glasgow store opening back up.

Som I’ve got a genius bar appointment next Wednesday. At 14.35 for those interested!

All I’ve done the last few days is try and find Windows 10 replacements for all my macOS apps. I can hear you saying it to yourself;

That isn’t going to happen!

TextExpander is unbelievably slow on Windows, just unusable. Keyboard Maestro, Popclip, Mailmate with all my rules and shortcuts. I’m just going out of my mind!

Has anyone else experienced this issue? What happened? Did anyone manage to get it fixed at their genius appointment or, as I suspect, it will still need to go in for repair

:sob: :sob: :sob:

Just would like someone’s else experience of this awful, awful situation :wind_face:

That is a bummer. Sorry you are dealing with this. I have no experience with this issue and no expertise to share, unfortunately. That said, if you don’t already have one and if it is something that you could afford to do, I would strongly encourage you to consider picking up an iPad or iPad Pro with a keyboard in the near future. Not only is it a great device but it provides a wonderful back up for a situation such as this one.

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I’ve had this happen and they ended up replacing the board, I think. My brother also had a power on issue this spring and sent it in for depot repair, and they replaced the board. It won’t be fixed at the appointment itself and you shouldn’t let them brush you off if they try, in my opinion.

It’s kind of wild they won’t insure your computer in the shipment, too. I’d also have waited to bring it in to a store, but in the US, anyway, you’re protected if something happens to the package.

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Thanks, @Bmosbacker :smile:

I’m only playing around a bit I realise we’ve all got so much more to worry about, but I honestly didn’t realise how much I rely on my MBP or how superior it is over Windows 10 :raised_hands:

It’s really interesting you bring up the iPad, keyboard and mouse. I have them all and did think to myself it was my change to experience with people like Federico Viticci, for one, talking about it a lot

I cannot put my finger on it, but I just can’t use it the way I would my laptop!!

Thanks @cornchip that is exactly what I needed. I just wanted a bit of clarity on the situation and that was it :+1:

Just chiming in to say that I’m in a similar situation and extending my sympathy. Fortunately I have a MacBook Air to use while my Pro is away, but I’m now using a machine that is literally 1/4 the computer of my usual one. The struggle is real! :slight_smile:

Good luck with your issue!

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I had this exact same problem, but managed to fix it. Turns out it wasn’t a hardware problem for me. I followed these steps in this Apple article (along with liberal use of Recovery mode to reinstall the OS) to get my MacBook Pro up and running. Bafflingly, I had to go through the step 3 in the article several times before victory was mine.

I hope that helps!


That is true. For some things it is superior for other things more difficult. But, at minimum, it is an excellent backup to the MBP when needed. Personally, I use the iPad Pro with the keyboard for 90% of my work now. Doing so requires a learning curve, patience, and the development of a modified workflow but for many/most things it works exceedingly well, especially when paired with the Smart Keyboard.

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Thanks, @creighton I appreciate the effort and bit of hope!! Still no luck after trying 8 or 9 times :frowning_face:

Never mind, it’ll only be another 2 weeks roughly, that’s nothing :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Thanks @ACautionaryTale appreciate the sentiment!! :+1:

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The smart keyboard is amazing, it’s probably the patience aspect hold me back. Just don’t have it. Unfortunatly!