MacBook Pro Sharp Edges

I’ve searched, searched and searched - no where on this forum does it seem we discussed the sharp edges of MacBooks. They cut my wrists up and make me not want to use my MBP as a laptop.

This was a problem for me with my 2015 and it seems worse with my 2020 M1. I own:

They fail because they don’t stick very well to the surface. They also can’t be closed (safely) inside the MBP so you need to remember to carry them everywhere.

I see other people using Keyboard covers, I don’t want that since it will harm the heat dissipation. In addition I don’t want my keyboard to feel like the PC Jr chiclet keyboard.

What do you do to save your wrist?


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I wear sleeves. (20 chars)

I’ve had the same issue and sleeves don’t really help as it gets your wrists not your arms.

When the laptop is on my lap, I just angle it so hand are more parallel. For extended desk use, I just put a wrist wrest on the desk in front of the laptop.


Wearing sweatshirt / jumpers hoodies the arms cover my wrists quite nicely :slight_smile:

Sweatshirts are great, I often don’t wear one and even a normal long sleeve gets pushed back easily, by the edges.

@Cornchip the challenge isn’t on my lap but when I sit at a table.

Definitely the standalone wrist rest, then. I used to carry one in my bag when I was doing longer on-site contracting sessions. It sounds like it might be worth it for you for shorter sessions. Just depends on the height of the tables in your life and your torso length how annoying this problem is…