MacBooks Versus Chromebooks

Although both Apple and Google have several different models, Chromebooks definitely take the lead when it comes to variety. While you may prefer how they can choose from many different Chromebook sizes and designs, others might the level of choice to be overwhelming. The MacBook, on the other hand, has two main laptop versions - the MacBook Air and the MacBook Pro. Although both are also available in several models that vary in size and design. Whether your highest priority is cost, size, or speed, there will be a Chromebook or MacBook that suits your individual needs.

With all of that said, there are power users out there who benefit from Chromebooks. It is very much a matter of taste. What benefits do you see from a Chromebook over a MacBook (or vice versa)?

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I recently heard someone on a podcast say that most Macbook owners use their laptops like Chromebooks. I can’t say that most use Macs like chromebooks, but I know many that do. They use the web, email, and social media. They look at pictures and they never back up anything. Many could, and some already do, use Chromebooks and save a lot of money.

If the iPad didn’t exist I would definitely use a Chromebook as my travel computer. It’s more secure right out of the box and doesn’t contain data for someone to steal or for border guards to snoop through.

But much of that security comes from the limitations of the device. I’ve always advised people to select the software they need to do their job and let that decide what computer to purchase. For some that will be a Mac. For me it’s my iPad Pro. For others a Chromebook will suffice. And for those doomed to suffer, they may need a Windows machine.

What kinds of limitations?

I only tested ChromeOS for a few months in 2018. But Chromebooks at that time were generally underpowered compared to regular laptops. They had very little local storage. They lacked the ability to run native applications. And there were very few peripherals that worked with them.

Would it work for you? One test that many have recommended is this. Install the Google Chrome browser on your computer. Then for at least one week don’t open any other applications. Can you do your job using only the Chrome Browser?

For additional information I recommend you check out Kevin Tofel’s It is, IMO, an excellent source for all things Chromebook.

I keep one in my garage on my workbench to look stuff up - manuals etc. It’s 5 years old and was $150 new. Does the job and I don’t care if it gets banged around a bit. Would not use a MacBook for this!

I have no never had any use for Chromebooks. They don’t run the apps nor have the power I need. It’s like comparing smartphones and computers, it’s a totally different use. Chromebooks are not mine and the less I use Google, the better.

Google Chrome is only one part of Chrome OS though. You can install Linux apps, progressive web apps, and Android apps through the Google Play Store.

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